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Comment Re:Why shouldn't it? (Score 1) 238

Thanks for the link, I've been looking for data like that. Any idea if any one has made similar comparisons to some of the hydrogen fuel cell concepts?

It's great to see that the electric cars are beating up the gas cars by a nice margin already, but I just have a hard time believing that heavy metal batteries are the best we can do.

Comment Re:"personal use" on flight-critical device (Score 2) 244

Yeah, I was confused as to why they wouldn't just do that, or at least just have a pool of them at each airport. Drop it off when you finish your flight and it will be updated, charged, cleaned, etc.

I guess you're saving even more weight if your pilot isn't also carrying a personal laptop for when he gets to the destination, and people do tend to take better care of devices if they're theirs... maybe that's the logic, or maybe the logic is in the article I didn't read.

Comment Re:I still don't get it. (Score 1) 169

The problem is the newer content is hit or miss. I paid for Hulu for a few months until I got sick of "this show isn't available yet unless your a member of a participating cable company", and "web only", and the straw that broke the camel's back for me "this episode expires in X days".

I thought I got all new content, quickly, and the entire season.... but that's not true, it's highly qualified. Everything in hulu is content dependent and it's just not fun to keep track of it, so I stopped and replaced it with more DVR'ing.

Comment Re:Still lacking (Score 4, Insightful) 132

Wish I had mod-points. This is so completely true, and combine it with the fact that they all come with vendor lock in, and it's even worse.

I have a Nook simple touch, and really want to move to a front lit e-ink reader. Problem is the nook glow is the least tempting of the front lit e-readers to me. That said, I feel locked in due to the number of books already in the B&N cloud. Yes I know I can download, strip DRM, side-load, but bleh, I don't consider that a real solution.

Some day maybe we can buy e-books instead of rent them from a couple of disjointed retailers. Then I could buy a new e-reader every year based on whoever built the best one!

Comment Re:It's not just for now. (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Yeah, that's the version I heard when driving home.

It still seems to me to have a big flaw, namely the assumption of causation. Social networks with messages like this are a self selecting group, how do they know that those with friends who voted aren't just in more politically savvy peer groups?

Now if they would have randomly lied to people about whether or not their friends had voted I could see some determination of causation, but as it was done I think the above is at least one potential flaw.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 2) 215

I wish it did. But even artists need to eat.

For better or worse (I'd argue better), we're past the days of aristocracy founded artistic endeavours so if you plan to do "interesting work", be it paint, code, write, architect, etc. you better find a way to market it. It doesn't necessarily have to be mass marketed or commercially successful, but doing it as the OP suggested "something wonderful no one ever sees" isn't viable unless it's just your spare time.

And if it is, more power to you, but I'd argue that to push any real envelopes in these worlds you need to dedicate more serious time, which means some one needs to feed you.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 3, Insightful) 215

It's a nice thought... but the problem is it becomes very difficult to fund future creations with that mindset. Unless you're fortunate enough to be in some funded department who is just doing R&D it's not a great way to go through life. Even if you are that fortunate, chances are there's some very political individual properly extracting enough from your group to make sure the company at large is getting value out of their funding.

Same holds for pretty much any productive endeavor.

Comment Re:Get outside for a walk! (Score 1) 480

you don't realize how much "de briefing" you go through on your drive home

Something big hidden in this part of the comment. You need to have an end to the work day. My biggest challenge when I worked at home was starting and stopping a day. Basically I worked 24 hours a day, but never very hard. It turned into a negative for both my work and social lives.

My solution was twofold. 1) I enforced a strict start time. I'm not a morning person so the start time was my killer, if I started by 9am every day I found it easier to delineate a day than if I opened the laptop on the kitchen table around 8:30 with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. 2) No TV during working hours. Not so much for the lack of distraction while working, but for decompression it allowed me when I did turn the TV on.

I imagine everyone is different, but that was what worked for me.

Comment Re:Bogus summary (Score 1) 125

Also curious - but on patents like this one I'm always struck by the fact that there's nothing interesting except for the "put it on a computer" part. Yes, there was a time when digitizing was non-obvious, but now it seems to me that adding "on a computer" would fit with just about everything. Certainly everything media related.

Margin notes have worked this way for hundreds of years, though they've fallen out of favor recently. Authorization to receive the annotations seems like a pretty weak addition, but I guess you could cite a library card if you wanted to take my analogy too far.

Comment Re:Right product, right price (Score 1) 291

I get this type of comment from some media sources, but confused how someone on Slashdot overlooks the Nook Color. It was $50 more, but it was available about a year ago... hopefully B&N will counter with a price drop/hardware refresh.

That said, I think Amazon did a good job with the launch, and the better streaming media offering of Amazon will make this a huge success over the Nook.

And, to answer the question in the summary. I don't want one. e-reader + full featured tablet is my preference. Hoping the Xoom 2 is what I'm looking for.

Comment Re:Why support companies that pull crap like this? (Score 1) 97

Meh... because on this issue I don't care? I actually kind of like that Verizon and Motorola are managing the OS on my phone because I want it to just work. I am a little bummed that in 2 years when I want to upgrade the OS and they want me to upgrade the handset I'll have to upgrade the handset... but I'll get over it because it's a $200 device that I just want to work.

If I wanted an Android phone I could put custom OS's on, I would've bought a Nexus One. But I don't.

The thing you have to remember is that it's a balance of features, cost, usability, openness, etc. Virtually every purchase you'll have make has pros and cons, you determine what is precisely important to you and then make your choice. For the people who are buying the DroidX, an open bootloader is not one of them.

The portion that makes it tricky is those who don't know what a bootloader is... fact is they're a much larger market force than you or I. That's when regulators step in and decide what should be done for the sake of the consumer. You can argue that regulators should step in here, signed ROMs only circumvent the consumer's right to own their own property or some such, but I personally think you'd be stretching it. But asking why consumers would ever support a company that does this is willfully ignoring that a) most people don't know what you're talking about and b) many of us who do know what you're talking about just don't care.

My car also has a governor that keeps me from going over 120mph. But I still bought it as well, speeds over 120mph aren't something I'm too concerned with.

And you know, the menus on my TV are locked. Sony didn't give me the options to flash the OS on my TV, very upsetting... still bought it, which open TV did you buy?