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Comment Re:This is GOOD. Not BAD. (Score 1) 107

Did you notice how fast things turned in Iran into the shit show that it is today?
I believe that with the correct sequence of events, orchestrated by a talented group of people, things in Iran can turn back just as fast.

The people of Iran wish for it. They are tired of the current regime. Now all you need is the correct players, in the correct places, playing the right moves.

Comment This is GOOD. Not BAD. (Score 5, Insightful) 107

People need to understand that a more technologically advanced Iran means the world will deal with a more advanced country, and a more advanced government, period. Iran has a lot of extremely smart people who's voices are not heard because they are drowned by the voices of the mentally insane.

The sooner Iran values knowledge and science more than it values blind belief in fairy tales, the better for the rest of the world.

Comment License Plate Analogy is broken (Score 1) 532

The license plate doesn't tell you who's driving the car. A computer's IPv4/v6 address is that computer's "License Plate", and similar to a car's license plate, it doesn't tell you who's behind the keyboard. Therefor, if what he wants is a license plate scenario, the computer's IP address is it.

Comment Re:strife in israel and palastine? (Score 2) 203

I was going to say that the report is out of date. Israel have already solved their water shortage problems, forever, and they have so much to spare that they have begun exporting water to neighboring countries. I believe this could work in Israel's favor, as they forge a path to peace with the region.

Comment Russian or Asian (Score 1) 143

Based on how crappy this looks, I would guess either Chinese or Russian. I would also collect fingerprints - there must be a few dozen fingerprints on this device, if not on the black isolation tape, then possibly on the glue side of the tape. If you do find fingerprints, this isn't done by professionals, and you're probably OK. Could very well be the activist's wife suspecting he's not really going to a festival, and is instead planning on eloping with a secret lover. Everything is possible :-)

Comment Meteor is the future (Score 1) 264

What you want is - You will thank me later. If you think it's not what you need, you're thinking wrong, and should expand your mind, do some reading and studying and researching, and in the end, you will still reach this same conclusion. Or you can just trust me and give it a try. Start with a small project, to get a feel for it. Again, you'll thank me later... ;-)

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