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Comment Re:Why this wording? (Score 1) 156

*Obviously* this case is only dealing with superhero movies. Maybe because when you are flying at close to the speed of light, relative time progresses much slower - the flying man thinks only 1 hour has gone by, but when he gets home he finds out that 10,000 years have passed. So the copyright on all his favorite movies has expired and he can watch copied disks as much as he likes. Alone. Because the human race has become extinct and he doesn't much like the intelligent cockroaches that have inherited the earth.

Comment Re:indexing is not copying (Score 1) 156

The Pirate Bay case was based on the idea that Pirate Bay was somehow facilitating or aiding and abetting the "crime" of copyright infringement. This is clearly the area of law that this Canadian case is exploring. I think it is worthwhile pointing out that, according to the OP, this case was brought by Isohunt. Not thr RIAA. So I think Isohunt is hoping to clearly point out that in Canada there is no crime of aiding and abetting copyright infringement.

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