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Comment: Re:So they patented this because....? (Score 1) 164

by sixsixtysix (#48301635) Attached to: Disney Patents a Piracy Free Search Engine
If I contribute millions of dollars in campaign funds, which is now unlimited by the way, the politician is not likely going to bite the hand that feeds. Better yet, they will try to implement the laws *I* want, in order to get more of that sweet, sweet cash. While not explicitly bribery, it pretty much is.

Comment: Re: I didn't know it existed... (Score 1) 64

by sixsixtysix (#48073429) Attached to: Redbox Streaming Service To Shut Down October 7th
there is plenty of stuff that is streamed in hd but not released on blu-ray. perhaps, they don't think it will sell well? regardless, it still has to be digitized the long hard way (i.e. each frame scanned in) . why would they spend money of this? maybe the licensing covers that plus some profit?

Comment: Re: I didn't know it existed... (Score 1) 64

by sixsixtysix (#48073379) Attached to: Redbox Streaming Service To Shut Down October 7th
Netflix is winning in the crossover race, for sure. HBO can only be a significant streaming service if they ditch the cable/sat subscription requirement for access to HBO Go. It sucks even more when your device (Roku) and provider (Comcast) won't let you use the service, as if any more middlemen contracts need to be established, because it works on other devices (Apple TV) just fine. To be fair, Comcast has made just about as much of HBO's content available on demand.

Comment: Re:Amazon prime blows! (Score 1) 85

by sixsixtysix (#47822925) Attached to: Amazon's Plan To Storm the Cable Industry's Castle
Prime gets plenty of programming that other streaming services do not offer (Justified or The Hour, for example). Their newer releases are about the same as Netflix's. You also have the option of renting new releases. Of course, they'll need to get the prices down to match Redbox, because the quality:cost ratio isn't worth it, even cable's video on demand is better for roughly the same price. In the end though, Prime's video service is great when you consider it a bonus to the free 2-day shipping.

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