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Comment Play globally or gtfo. (Score 1) 106

If it isn't Netflix, it's first-run movies or tv series. Their precious regioning should have been dismantled over a decade ago. It seems like music is generally available worldwide in a decent amount of time, so why the hold-up for video? Availability should be a requirement of all copyright laws. If you're not gonna sell it someplace, well I guess it's your loss. it's 2016 ffs. if you can't play globally, gtfo.

Comment Re:The problem with Apple is compatibility... (Score 1) 110

I'm not sure you understand what I said.
To clarify: My used Macbook came with Snow Leopard, and I automatically updated to Yosemite, because I didn't know any better. A piece of hardware(M-Audio Firewire Audiophile) and some software(Native Instruments Komplete 2) I had expected to work, because I thought, "hey, osx = osx, right?" didn't. I had to downgrade to the last possible version that was known to be working with the hardware, Lion. The software still didn't work. I was then going to bootcamp to WindowsXP, as I know both the hardware and software works with it. The Bootcamp tool in Lion will only let me use Windows 7 or later, which is retarded.

Comment Fine then (Score 1) 301

I'll stop all of the torrenting of music that I do, but only if copyright is severely limited. A simple 10 year years is more than enough. Anything from before that is up for grabs. Deal?

Seriously though, if they're not going to put anything back into the public domain in a reasonable time (read: in my lifetime), they can pound sand.

Comment Re:The problem with Apple is compatibility... (Score 1) 110

I bought a used 2009 macbook recently, updated to the latest version of the SAME 64 bit os, and lo and behold, hardware and software that should work with it didn't, because mavericks didn't like it. Of course, there was no discs included with the used macbook, so I had to downgrade to an older version that did. That was pretty shitty. Then, I was gonna bootstrap xp on it too (to use some old DAW software that doesn't like vista+), but noooo, even the version I downgraded to limits how far back I can bootstrap to (win7). Fucking lamesauce all around. Probably wouldn't have had to torrent all the stuff that WAS compatible if they weren't such dicks.

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