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Comment Re:Stephen Wolfram's Blog (Score 1) 124

...Same boat. What a vexatiously self-aggrandizing man. Excellent writing, and probably some very insightful substance that has never been summarized with the right perspective anywhere, but it really needs less Stephen Wolfram. Perhaps someone could re-edit the whole thing to exclude him—and polish the Wikipedia article while they're at it.

Unrelatedly, Turing's paper on his eponymous test is mentioned in the biography and has some hilariously sketchy logic in it. If only publishing were like that today!

Comment Re:Well, I did learn something (Score 2) 88

...Did a dictionary shoot your parents or something? That's not how language works. Conversion is one of the most common forms of vocabulary formation in many languages, and English is no exception. Your idiolect is non-standard if it doesn't permit "gift" as a verb, and you certainly don't speak for all of Canada! If you absolutely must complain about a verbified noun, try "impact." It's a much more popular point of contention for pedants.

Comment Re:People have been saying this for years. (Score 1) 189

Well, no, we still collectively refer to the fields of machine learning and knowledge representation as "artificial intelligence," it's just that it's not artificial general intelligence. If anything the fault lies with communication between academia and the public about what AI means now.

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