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Submission + - Megamos Crypto author to speak at USENIX Security

sirius-one writes: A research paper providing details on cracking the crypto used to unlock high-end cars was blocked by an injunction. July 31, USENIX Announced that paper author will speak at the security symposium. "USENIX, as an organization dedicated to providing an unbiased forum for information dissemination, applauds Verdult's decision to speak at the conference despite the paper not being published."

I wonder what Roel Verdult, lead author of the banned academic paper, "Dismantling Megamos Crypto: Wirelessly Lockpicking a Vehicle Immobilizer," will say? Will the Feds be visiting Usenix Security again?

Submission + - l0phtcrack is back->

sirius-one writes: The Register announced the re-introduction of l0phtcrack, a "legitimate appearing" password cracker that helped to end the use of the ridiculously flawed LANMAN passwords many years ago. "Starting Wednesday, L0phtcrack 6 is available from the same team of hackers who introduced it to the world a decade ago. The program was pulled from the market in late 2005 shortly after it was acquired by Symantec, presumably because its offensive capabilities didn't fit in with the company's portfolio of defensive products and services."
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Comment Re:Why is this unfair? (Score 1) 251

The RFID is just a key into a database that Padget has no access to. And the $250 figure is specious, as the device needed usually costs over $1000 on eBay (he bought one that was broken and fixed it). There are real dangers with the wider adoption of RFID, but this hack was more show than substance.

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