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GNU is Not Unix

+ - GCC 4.2.0 Released

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trollboy writes: "Potheads everywhere rejoice as thier own GCC is released into the wild, bringing a whole new meaning to "rolling your own kernel". On top of encouraging developers to create a "bake" alias to point at make and raising the question of if gcc crashes how DO you get the smell of bongwater out of your machine, it also has some remarkable FORTRAN improvements as well as optimization tweaks.
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When a CGI Script is the Most Elegant Solution 256

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the the-answers-is-always dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Writing local Web applications can be quick, easy, and efficient for solving specific Intranet problems. Learn why a Web browser is sometimes a better interface than a GUI application and why experienced Web developers find themselves struggling to learn a GUI toolkit, and descover that a simple CGI script would serve their needs perfectly well, if not better."

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