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Comment: Re:perception (Score 1) 320

Yeah, too bad there's no more mental asylums in existence. No, wait... What?

So much misinformation. The controversy with Reagan and mental institutions was when he was governor... of California... so it only applied to California. It's unclear how this could be connected to giving tax breaks to Wall Street. Also, it wasn't about shutting down asylums but releasing patients from the asylums. Furthermore, it wasn't Reagan's idea. Frank Lanterman submitted the bill to the legislature which then passed the bill which Reagan then signed into law.

Comment: Re:free-marketers reject state run economy? (Score 1) 771

by sir1real (#41267379) Attached to: The Motivated Rejection of Science

Lets just say that free market types are more sceptical of AGW because they fear it will be used as an excuse to hand over more power to the government. Just as a communist (I notice you capitalized communism) would be sceptical of Stalin's attrocities because it tends to discredit communism. It's not a logical fallacy. It's an emotional reaction. No one is saying they don't believe AGW because they don't like one or more of the solutions. It's called "getting defensive."

While AGW is a hard sell for some people, there are others for whom it is a easy sell. Why is that? As Hillary Clinton said, "never waste a good crisis." In other words, global warming is good for government.

Comment: Re:You can never get rid of the dust! (Score 1) 307

by sir1real (#40445241) Attached to: Sandia's Floating, Dust-Free, Spinning Heatsink

The description clearly says "And as the whole unit spins, you aren't going to get dust build up (EVER)." Emphasis mine.

In other words, they're claiming zero dust build up because the unit spins. Not because of air filters. If you want to eliminate dust with the use of air filters you don't need a spinning heat sink.

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Submitted by sir1real
sir1real (1636849) writes "Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which explicitly grants the military and the Executive branch the power to detain suspected "terrorists" indefinitely without trial. Although politicians are claiming otherwise the act has an exemption whereby this can apply to U.S. citizens if the government wants it to. Since the word terrorist means whatever the government wants it to mean at any given time and since suspicion is all that's needed to detain, this means that we're all just one step away from being kept in a Guantanamo or Manzanar type facility."
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