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And yet no real documentation  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @04:31PM  1
Wow less choice in video cards real spiffy  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @04:23PM  1
   attached to 3dfx Drops Video Card Division
Linux is younger than that  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @06:32AM  1
IE isn't that swell  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @06:25AM  1
   attached to Netscape 6 is Out (Really!)
Do the solutions to rubik's cubes apply?  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:37PM  1
What is that?  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:28PM  1
LSD dosn't allow one to change dimensional sight  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:26PM  1
ESP isn't real no is this the 4th dimension  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:21PM  1
Just have the lameness filter applied to the link  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:16PM  1
Similar to the water boots?  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:10PM  1
Even if they could clone him...  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:07PM  1
Charm comes in many forms  *Monday November 13, 2000 @03:01PM  1
Form of hybrid  *Monday November 13, 2000 @02:54PM  1
   attached to Generated Quickies
They didn't have the bomb back then  *Saturday November 11, 2000 @01:39PM  1
Countries need secrets  *Saturday November 11, 2000 @12:39PM  2
   attached to Violating The Company's Policy: CIA Chat Room
Get a headset  *Friday November 10, 2000 @10:10AM  1
   attached to Buy Your CDs From Your PCS Phone
And how exactly does this work in Brazil  *Monday November 13, 2000 @07:31AM  1
   attached to Analysis: Reforming Political Technology
Prepending my name to AC posts isn't fact  *Thursday November 09, 2000 @10:44AM  1
Actually the GPL  *Thursday November 09, 2000 @09:54AM  1
The basic idea  *Thursday November 09, 2000 @09:51AM  1
That if you have an application that is owned...  *Thursday November 09, 2000 @09:30AM  1
   attached to Sun's (un)official response to .NET
A little point of philosophy  *Thursday November 09, 2000 @07:42AM  1
   attached to Analysis: Fox Buys Henhouse
The extent of Roman Power  *Sunday November 12, 2000 @01:53PM  1
   attached to CopyLeft DTDs?
A beginning linux book under the OPL?  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @06:52AM  1
   attached to Linux Beginners Series' Final Installment

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