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Comment Re:Tedious Smear (Score 0) 414

"Still dodging."
And you're still not getting it.
Me anticipating your ridiculous conclusion does not mean I did not answer. You might not be satisfied with my answer, but that is of little consequence to me. Tell your PR dpt. to prepare a better script next time which anticipates "rebels" and out of script answers to the questions.
As for my "partisanship", dude, I'm not even native to that part of the world nor do I live there. Thank God! I would be driven out of my mind by your ridiculous nanny state.

Comment Oh really? (Score 4, Insightful) 414

Is that the official position of the party or of individual members? What the "anonymous reader" forgets to point out is that the letter signed by members of the labour party was also signed by conservative party members as well as liberal democrats and a bunch of others.
As for Heidi Alexander, here's a quote from the linked buzfeed article
“I must admit I’m not totally convinced at the moment but I’ll have to look at it. I know my own parents are great believers in homeopathy. It’s not something that I would immediately support but I’m going to have to look at a whole range of issues. It’s not something that I have given hours of consideration to.”
Oh yeah, definitely a *huge* backer.
How nice of slashdot to become a place for anonymous political shills. In this case I guess it's a Tory sympathizer.

Comment This is a bit misleading (Score 5, Informative) 95

Docker is moslty a set of tools to allow simple management of containers. It's not itself a container technology. On Linux, Docker leverages LXC and a bunch of other things. On Windows, the same functionality will be available but using Microsoft's container technology. MS and Docker are actually working on getting the Docker toolset on Windows

Comment Re:This is a foolish business decision. (Score 4, Insightful) 437

The thing is that the MAFIAA does not care. Are these decisions hurting NETFLIX? Good. The MAFIAA hates the internet and streaming services. I saw an article not too long ago in which they were evaluating the impact of Google Fiber speeds on piracy and they were scared shitless. Any sane people would recognize that as a new market to fill. For fucks sake, they now have proper bandwidth lets give them content and make money, but not the MAFIAA, nope.

They are greedy and stupid, really stupid. Just read the other day how "The Interview" made $ 15M from online sales/rentals vs. $ 3M from theatre screenings. Of course they could've made even more but the release was US only, so people took to known torrent sites and downloaded it gratis and DRM-free from there.

I don't think these ass-hats will ever learn and they will do everything in their power to stifle progress and technology. They did it before and will continue to do it instead of working with tech companies.

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