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The last time Mozilla stood their ground on the H.264 format do you remember what happened? Yeah, you'd find that most HTML5 videos did not work and one would have to resort to using flash. Their move was irrelevant since every other major browser had support for it (Safari, IE, Chrome)...

So yeah, tone down the "they are big enough" speech... past "experiments" prove they are not "big enough".

Comment: Re:Entitled Asshole Mentality (Score 2) 199

I can't complain about access to textbooks because *any* digital store would sell them to me with no problem. I'm a citizen of a country that is both a member of the EU and NATO and everybody else wants my money except the scumbags in Hollywood. I don't want to look "hard". I don't want to jump through hoops and use VPNs. They refuse to allow me access to content based on my location. I'm disciminated against. It infuriates me and I don't give a shit if you think that my problem is laughable.

Even more aggravating is having those same scumbags call me a thief if I "dared" to copy some of their content to watch it. Nevermind that they never wanted to do business with me in the first place, so I would be stealing what exactly? Certainly not the money that they *refused* to take from me.

They have no right to discriminate against me and forbid me access because I happen to live in some "other" country. What you call "entertainment" I call culture, no matter the quality. There's no reason to forbid access to it based on geographical location.

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No asshole, I'm willing to pay for for the experience. The people you shill for don't allow me to do that because I do not live in a country that they deem worthy of their "blessing". I'll bet my ass that it's not the artists that chose not to take my money but the assholes that you and they work for.

Fuck them and fuck you too... I don't want you to feel discriminated or something.

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by silviuc (#46443677) Attached to: Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?
Please tell RedHat that they are evil for not giving CentOS users free access to the RHN. This is ridiculous. You can always use other maps, mail, whatever services. No need to stick with Google's but if you do, since it's their stuff, you abide by their rules. In Rome you do as romans do. It's not evil. It's common sense. Look it up, it's what a lot of people seem to be missing these days. It got replaced by entitlement.

Access to Google(Microsoft, Yahoo, insert whatever other company here) services is not a right, it's a privilege.

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by silviuc (#46440111) Attached to: Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?
The one that wrote the article either has no clue what he was writing about or he's getting paid to be dumb. Basically, you want to use Google's services? You gotta do it the way *they* want you to do it. It's their services and their terms.

Android is not free and open-source? Take a look at the shit tonne of Chinese made tablets of brands that we almost never heard of which come with Android but not with Google services. You have to use 3-rd party applications to get stuff onto those such as Mobogenie.

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