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Comment Re:Is he sure? (Score 1) 131

Reasons Google is more secure:

- Two Factor Authentication built into each and every service by default. Meanwhile you can't even enable two-factor for your AWS account, let alone your Amazon buyer account.

- No "online chat" customer service. Google has a very simple customer service model - you either fill out a form and start an email case, or you enter a callback number and they phone you, or the service has no customer service whatsoever. I know of no Google service that has an online chat.

Comment Re:Say what you will (Score 2) 231

I think you are making leaps here for several reasons

- As of 5.0, All android devices have full disk encryption as an option that is just a checkbox away. If you check that box, Google can't unlock your phone any more than Apple can

- The metadata Google uses for delivering advertising is mostly anonymous. The few parts that are not anonymous are the types of things the police would know about you anyway, things like your gender, race, and interests.

- The live metadata Google uses for delivering advertising (like page history) is mostly not stored. I know this because it would serve them no benefit to do so - they don't need to actually store your browser history to build a user profile - so the laws of economics and business say they would not be storing it. Companies wont spend enormous amounts of money to store stuff that they don't need to.

Comment just honeypot the shit out of everything (Score 3, Insightful) 208

you catch murderers and hitmen by

1.the police answering the ads of "hitmen" (morons, but so are most ISIS supporters)

2. police posing as hitmen and picking up the losers that contract for their services

you can do the same with ISIS

1. answer real ISIS broadcasters with fake supporters who proceed to sabotage operations and outreach in all sorts of ways

2. pose as ISIS and hoover up the social retards who answer the call

but you can only do this if the idiots operate out in the open

drive them underground and you can still do it, like with child porn douchebags. but you've made the job harder and some sympathizers go uncaught

Comment Not unreasonable. (Score 1) 151

If Amazon and Dominos and whoever else are going to be peppering the sky's of metro areas with autonomous delivery drones, I don't think it is unreasonable for those companies to be required to have some type of insurance policy to cover the inevitable but unexpected accidents, things caused by birds or weather or malfunction or LiON battery fires or who knows what else. I sure do not think my home insurance should take a hit because a bird flew into an Amazon drone over my house and it crashed through my skylight.

I also don't think it is unreasonable to require an identification mechanism for an autonomous drone. If you are going to make the insurance claim process work, you need to be able to trace a drone to its owner.

Comment Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 5, Insightful) 227

I am a dev, and for a long time was a hiring manager. The idea that grilling, testing, or creating "challenging" interview questions for candidates, and thinking that it will give you ANY introspective on how they will perform on the job, is complete and total poppycock.

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for silicon valley companies that have gotten this strange idea that if you hire a whole bunch of "smart" developers who can answer a bunch of esoteric interview questions, and/or complete silly coding assignments in under an hour, that it will somehow magically enable those developers to coalesce as a team, work hard, solve difficult problems together, and release a viable product.

Raw intelligence is not everything. In fact, it is not even in the most important facet when hiring a software developer. Much more important are experience problem-solving and collaborate in a team environment. I have zero interest in the zen guru who sits at his desk all day churning out algorithms without involving his other team members in what he is doing - because other people need to understand what he is doing and contribute to it as well, if you want to create a successful organization (which will result in a successful product)

Comment Re:Important consideration (Score 2) 136

it's called fracking

the techonology was first achieved by the rogue state of oklahoma. we have not yet received their list of demands. however, they have shared the dangerous technology with the unstable province of alberta, which has recently upped the ante of horrors:

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