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Comment Re:Hi back at you. (Score 1) 10 10

Heh, I'd say my life is spent at least in part surrounded by unrecognized monkeywrenches. I think I perhaps dodged some that I shouldn't have. But - I'm not of the temperament for regret. I am generally happy in most circumstances, and even my worst days, or biggest despair rarely survive overnight.

So, I suppose I'm either blissfully ignorant or criminally stupid. One or the other.

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We would normally be snowmobiling, but my husband has really bad tendonitis in his arm, so we've been benched. I can't believe how much I miss it. I like so many things about snowmobiling, that just doesn't work for other things, like ATVs for example. I console myself with the fact that it hasn't been a stellar snow year :)

OK is tough - hard not to feel guilty if you aren't satisfied, but hard not to wish for more. If you could pick any monkeywrench to throw in, what would it be?

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Journal Journal: Hi there 10 10

heh, another friday, another JE for me.

How are you, dear friends?

I was going to tell you all my troubles -but truth tell, they are minor. I am just built to be a happy person, I couldn't even go one night feeling disenfranchised.

Whatever happens, I can't claim to be the victim of it. I am what I make - and I'll be damned if I don't make something awesome.

The steady state of disks is full. -- Ken Thompson