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Journal: Slicehost Subversion Setup

Journal by siliconsmiley

Working through the slicehost article:

I ran into an error.

$ >iptables-restore [~]
$ >iptables-save > /etc/iptables.test.rules

which seemed to work. At least, it didn't barf.


Journal: My Slicehost

Journal by siliconsmiley

So I've finally gotten around to setting up my slicehost. Probably should have done this long ago, but there you go.!threadID=GH1qPr-RecmU/BDREyZQoQ2LHt0bcm


Journal: Maven Logging Properties

Journal by siliconsmiley

Just a quick note about setting Maven logging preferences. Useful for maintaining separate files. In this case a simple configuration for deployment with all logging set on WARNING and a local debugging configuration with more detail on a fine grain package by package basis.


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