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Comment Re:Tsk... Tsk.... (Score 1) 165 165

The Raspberry Pi people used only Broadcom, because personal contacts, as Broadcom plant was in there neighbourhood. The Raspberry Pi was designed for local use, that it became an international a hit was not planned. If for example Samsung was close they maybe used a Samsung processor, if they sponsored samples.

Comment Re:Four times faster than existing. (Score 1) 94 94

The audio vibration in a chip bag was a nice example of high speed pictures and software using this pictures to filter out unseen movements. They work with a speed up to 6000 fps. With higher high speed we can understand / tackle hopeful vibration in constructions and machinery, as combustion engines and air planes.

Comment Re:Oh yeah it's "workaholism" (Score 1) 710 710

Are they addicted to working longer hours, or long hours at work. ? Longer present is no guaranty for more production. A healthy and stress free person can do more. In beginning 1900 in Europe industrialist as Lever Brothers and Philips Brothers start building villages to provide there workers with the housing, services and entertainment. This with the goal to get more productive workers. Long hours at work is sometimes also to show the managers 'I am always busy'

Comment Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875 875

It have al to do with respect. The youtube video shall show the most worse cases, but even it is less as 0.1% you can not respect this Rambo types. Problem is the other 99.9% of the police force loses respect too. Police force needs a better education, and internal clean up.

Comment Correct (Score 1) 589 589

Open Source is no plug and pray software. It ask cooperation from the users for migration of specific groups as County Councils. The knowledge of the CIO and his staff or outside company. is mostly orientated on MS, as promoting open source gives no incentives. The cost of the software is mostly not an issue as MS gives discount to 95%. It are the people behind the project who gives the difference. See the City of Munich story about migration to Linux.

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