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Comment: Re:Not much need to worry (Score 4, Interesting) 178

by sifi (#45421089) Attached to: US Intelligence Wants To Radically Advance Facial Recognition Software
Absolutely true. Even when they are 'accurate' they are of limited usefulness.

Assume that it's 99.9% accurate for a given success rate (wildly optimistic) That is for every 1000 faces you show it 1 is incorrectly flagged as matching.

Suppose that you have a list of 100 people you are 'interested' in. If the system is in an airport with 200,000 people per day - you are going to get 20,000 incorrect matches a day.

Comment: The Exchange knows who they are..... (Score 3, Informative) 617

by sifi (#41605525) Attached to: Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week
Of course the exchange knows who they are - you can't just stuff orders into the market anonymously from your PC at home. I'm mean the exchange needs to know who you are so they know who to charge for the trades. The exchanges aren't happy about people placing and cancelling tonnes of orders - after all they only make money when something trades. You can guarantee that they got on the phone to whom ever was doing this and asked them to stop.

Comment: Re:I hate it when people say things like: (Score 1) 273

by sifi (#38024602) Attached to: Sony Racing Apple To Develop 'a New Kind of TV'
It probably means: We sell each TV for more than the marginal cost of making each TV, but we don't recoup enough money from this to cover the R&D/once-off costs. In this circumstance, Sony is doing what anyone else would do and it makes perfect sense, you've lost the up-front costs, but you might as well keep selling TVs if they are selling more than the marginal cost.

Comment: Re:No they didn't. (Score 3, Informative) 164

by sifi (#37609394) Attached to: 175 MPH Student-Built EV Smashes Speed Record
I agree - they also didn't smash the record either, as there wasn't one there to break.

The streamliner, named “Electric Blue,” competes in the “E1” class, which includes cars weighing less than 1,100 pounds. Because electric cars rely on heavy batteries, engineering a speedy vehicle at such a light weight is very difficult. That’s why there were no prior certified speed runs for this class

Hats off to them though, still a pretty impressive feat!

Comment: Re:Now if only they could measure user experience. (Score 1) 272

by sifi (#37590022) Attached to: Tom's Hardware Pits Newest Firefox, Opera and Chrome Against Each Other
I leave Chrome going for as long I can leave Windows going without grounding to a halt (typically about a month).

You get a nice little update icon on the 'spanner' symbol telling you that updates are available and will be applied the next time that you restart Chrome - otherwise it leaves you alone.

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