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Comment: Re:Funny but Microsoft is the most open ecosystem. (Score 3, Interesting) 153

by sideslash (#48185873) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own
Funny but true, at least in terms of proprietary software. The observation even applies to Windows itself, since I can run it everywhere I want, including in a virtual machine on OS X, whereas Apple won't let people run OS X in a VM. Of course, I do anyway because I insist on building my own PCs. Currently I'm running Mavericks on VMware Workstation in a Win 8.1 host, but I get nervous every time I apply an update.

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And yet, everyone that I've talked to in the hardware business still doesn't believe a touchscreen laptop adds any value. They exist specifically because of marketing hype and touch hysteria.

And yet, everyone that I've talked to in the hardware business still doesn't believe a touchscreen laptop adds any value. They exist specifically because of marketing hype and touch hysteria.

You're right, Apple would never do anything driven by marketing hype or touch hysteria.

On a serious note, I love my capacitive touch laptop (running Windows 8.1). As a developer I don't use the touch screen that much except for testing my cross platform, multi-touch enabled apps, but when I do use it "as an end user", it is nice as an extra option. Mostly I find myself gripping the side and casually scrolling a web page with my thumb, or pinching to zoom into a web page, etc.

Now let's get to the easy stuff that is obviously wrong with your post -- nobody said anything about restricting this to laptops. My kids love to use the 24" Windows 8.1 desktop with a screen that tilts, or more accurately reclines backward and down for a more natural angle. Microsoft is (justly) eating Apple's lunch in that particular space until they finish burying Steve Jobs and get around to introducing something. iPads are nice, but they aren't a 24" touch screen.

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How does this address leakage of private media on the internet? Sure, you can "turn it off" to disable public access, but you can do that on DropBox too.

The typical pattern, whether DropBox or "Eggcyte" is something like the following:

(1) You post private stuff on the cloud
(2) somebody else accesses it, whether it's intentionally or unintentionally shared
(3) bad actors download the media and publish it on other outlets such as 4chan
(4) you panic and disable the original share, although of course it is now too late.
(5) Sad stories about you are published on news sites, along with stern and moralizing finger wagging.

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I disagree. I think Bennett is trying to speak words of empowerment to women (vaguely = "feminism"), but the ironic thing is that he's denigrating other women at the same time. And denigrating them in a particularly offensive way, by caricaturing religious, modest dressing females as "morons".

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At the end of his wall of wordiness, Bennett writes:

A woman never knows when she might meet a guy out in public that she's attracted to, and if they hit it off, it helps to have an outfit that says, "I'm a real woman, not a moron who thinks that if I engage in pre-marital kissing then Jesus will set me on fire with a blowtorch."

My wife chooses to dress modestly in public, as do lots of women in my circles, both religious and non-religious. To me, none of their outfits communicate that they are "morons".

Feminism -- You're Doing it Wrong.

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The FBI and other TLAs are constantly engaged in illegal downloading of the private information of Americans. How ironic that they're so anxious to recruit only people who have never committed the very types of "crimes" they're being hired to do. What, do they find it cheaper to train beginners than to hire someone already experienced in the job? (I wish this post was purely a joke.)

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For every study that suggests (or is construed to suggest even though it clearly doesn't) that climate change isn't occurring there's at least a hundred that says it is.

Ummmm, I think there are zero serious scientific studies that claim that climate change isn't occurring. Most people are aware that the climate has always been changing. You know, ice ages and so forth.

You know what I find hilarious? Just for making this observation, many people will peg me as a "climate change denier".

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How about:

* Mein Kampf
* Protocols of the Elders of Zion
* The Turner Diaries
* Anarchist's Cookbook
* Or one of these fine titles

Make no mistake, I'm not endorsing any of these books. Just pointing out that there's nothing either heroic or difficult about recommending historically banned books that aren't banned anymore, and in fact are widely read in public high schools. However, if a student was caught today reading some of the above books, they might be directed to remedial counselling and in some cases be expelled. Heck, every now and then a kid in the news draws a picture of a gun in school, or eat their slice of bread into the shape of a gun, and is suspended. If you want to highlight today's censorship, that's a much more fruitful area to harp about than a bunch of books that were occasionally banned 50 or 100 years ago.


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