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Comment: All about the brand (Score 5, Interesting) 132

by sideslash (#47806317) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps
I have dealt with App Store rejections on various projects, and it was quite a culture shock coming from the desktop development world. In many ways it reminded me of college. Giving the right answer is not important per se, but rather just providing the answer you know the professor/grader wants to hear. As a programmer, it rankles me for someone else to dictate major issues of app architecture that touch on quality in a debatable way.

But it's their way or the highway if you want to sell to iOS users. And yes, you do want to sell to iOS users. Android users never spend any money. /slight-exaggeration

Comment: Re:One person's definition of "troll" ... (Score 1) 457

by sideslash (#47677555) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases
Even that is problematic. When people debate the most contentious issues, they tend to talk past each other and just repeat their side's talking points -- which are meaningless to the other side, due to lacking a common frame of reference in the debate. Bottom line, it would be way too easy to say that someone you disagree with is "unwilling to debate or defend that opinion" even though the other person thinks they are doing exactly that. It's almost like certain abstract topics themselves are the trolls, and both of the people are along for the ride in such a conversation.

Comment: Re:Well I guess it's time (Score 2) 99

For me to bite the bullet and get an android phone. No way am I going to get a windows phone again and risk it going out of support within a year or two.

Yeah, I definitely believe that this AC uses an old WP7 phone. They just exude credibility, and there's nothing fake or phony about their outrage whatsoever. Given that you can pick up an Android off Ebay for peanuts that will run circles around an old WP7 device and support a lot more apps to boot...

Comment: Re:WP7 was a limited platform (Score 4, Funny) 99

It's easy to forget the WP7 is a 1.0 product, but I do feel sorry for the people who have phones running that OS.

Remember, a lot of non-savvy people opted for WP7 based on the name of Microsoft. They will be shocked to find Skype missing.

Eh, WP7 is old. I don't think people will be that shocked. They should feel guilty for being so far behind the times, and give all their money to a smartphone manufacturer right away. /sarc

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