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Comment: Why do we need women in tech so bad? (Score 1) 479

by si3n4 (#48841331) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System
we need a meritocracy - to have that all people need a chance to perform. If we have a culture and a practice of driving half the population away from a field we make both the group and the field poorer. So the idea that we have to have some specific number of women in tech may be faulty but the idea that we should examine how we do things and insure qualified and talented women get a chance to contribute seems pretty sensible. Having some kind of quantifiable target to insure actual effort is made is not unreasonable unless the target itself is. Pushing to get 20% candidates (didn't say hires) doesn't seem wildly off the wall. This is the last step in a chain of education and training that may all need examination but the creation of role models changes cultural expectations.

Comment: Re:It is simple (Score 1) 755

by si3n4 (#48709569) Attached to: Science Cannot Prove the Existence of God
"Science doesn't disprove God so much as start by assuming God doesn't exist, and operate within the boundaries of what we can actually demonstrate" Really a great statement - I can't remember the book now but it started by pointing out science is fundamentally about predicting and controlling the future by knowing how to manipulate the physical world. For some people there is a hunger to understand the meaning of reality or the source of existence. That is not what science searches for or teaches. And in the end religion isn't any better at answering these questions - if God created the universe who created God - what does it mean for anything to exist. For the human mind at least it really is "elephants all the way down" (sorry obscure reference alert)

Comment: Todays inventions are not todays products (Score 1) 417

by si3n4 (#42761435) Attached to: Are There Any Real Inventors Left?
Author is confused because he focuses only the ideas in commercial production. How long were lasers or LEDs or transistors or any number of fundamental inventions in existence before they made large commercial entrances that popular culture recognized? He needs to go into the labs and see how many fundamentally new items have been created in the last 10 years that are now in the world of development (and yes invention ) that reduces them to practice and economic accessibility and then tell us the cupboard is bare. Some guy whining about the shallowness of popular acclaim with a shallow assessment of the world.

Comment: it might be another option but not the smart one (Score 1) 689

by si3n4 (#42743833) Attached to: Does US Owe the World an Education At Its Expense?
the smart one is to use the fact so many people want to come here to draw on the brain pool of the world and keep the country in a strong technical position that keeps us rich and keeps it such a nice place to be - see how that feedback loop works ? We should make it possible for the talented to stay.

Comment: this is "insightful" Re:Not early enough. (Score 1) 166

by si3n4 (#39153637) Attached to: Brain Scan Can Detect Autism In Infants
Downs is not autistic . I am not completely opposed to this point of view but an insightful person would recognize the slippery slope here. In some cultures being female is a 'defect' and children are aborted. I think we shouldn't walk that easily into arbitrary determinations of worth ...

Comment: Re:Was this unexpected? (Score 1) 221

by si3n4 (#37246850) Attached to: Gut Bacteria Exert Mind Control
not unexpected but unexplored I think. The impact of our digestive zoo seems more revealed each day - impacts on creating and suppressing disease , impact on the amount of nutrients we can get from the foods we eat , now perhaps contributions to our mental functioning. Maybe this got over hyped a little but I think the work is still interesting.

Comment: nano devices for rectification (Score 1) 190

by si3n4 (#36158754) Attached to: Capturing Solar Power With Antennae
http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/A.Song/research/BallisticRectifier.htm this is the only link I could find , I saw this topic some time ago - the ability to build nano structures may solve the rectification - I am sure there was another paper with a different device configuration but I'll never find the thread now - doesn't make this tomorrow but it means a lead on both ends

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