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Comment: Re:Not our fault (Score 1) 589

by shynthriir (#33109024) Attached to: Electric Car Subsidies As Handouts For the Rich

I'm kind of curious why someone hasn't made an electric commuter car. A one seat, three wheel vehicle made exclusively to go to work and come home. You can probably make it very lightweight and relatively inexpensive. If it looked cool and had about 100-150 miles per charge, maybe throw a solar panel on the roof to charge in the lot... I'd definitely buy one. Heck, I drive a two seater to work now because I can't see hauling an SUV with me when I go to work by myself.

First half of your description fits a Smartcar to the T.

Comment: Is it really a big deal? (Score 1) 900

by shynthriir (#30201804) Attached to: GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04
Personally, I think an operating system should have the basic tools for the user to be able to do very basic things that the average user needs and/or wants to do on a computer. This is why Windows has MS Paint. Is it a top end photo editing tool? No. But it lets you play around a little bit if that's what you want to do, and then later, if you decide you want to, you can get something better. GIMP is just too much for your average user who might just want to fool around with image editing, and honestly, it shouldn't be a big issue to install it yourself after OS installation.

If it's worth hacking on well, it's worth hacking on for money.