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Comment: EU rules? (Score 2) 392

I think it would increasingly create problems with EU legislation not to have USB port on telephone (AFAIK, so far they are circumventing this using adaptor, which is risky move with regulators). And USB-C is finally "good enough" for them not to push too hard on this, for banning iPhone in EU altogether would be a nightmare for them.

Comment: Anthropic principle (Score 0) 138

by should_be_linear (#48601481) Attached to: How Birds Lost Their Teeth
Anthropic principle can be applied here. If birds had teeth, they would evolve into mammal-eaters and pose great threat to any mamal that lives above surface. It is hard to imagine human evolution in such circumstances. Basically, if birds had teeth, there would be nobody intelligent to observe them. It is one of many unlikely random events in nature (including many constants physics) that is somehow biased towards our existence.

Comment: Elephants can paint too (Score 1) 91

by should_be_linear (#47805225) Attached to: Researchers Say Neanderthals Created Cave Art
We know that african elephants are capable of painting beuatifull pictures, so it is quite easy to imagine Neanderthals doing that and much more then that. It seems, that intelligence is not "so special" as we tought. We probably slaughtered Neanderthals, otherwise we could have 2 intelligent species already (and probably many more to come in the coming millions of years).

Comment: Reason (Score 1) 276

If we imagine society as noise of randomly colored dots, for example, blue dots can represents people currently connected to Facebook. There are so many blue dots in current society, that highly intelligent person could easily predict this even 20 years ago, right? Well, problem is, this color first appeared couple of years ago, there was no blue color among dots we see *at all*. Breakthrough events that forms society like this comes like explosion, and brings new colors that was never seen before. We can predict and imagine only in colors we know, not in colors we've never seen.

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