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Comment Re: So what should we do? (Score 1) 433

You park in gear because even a good handbrake can fade. The HB in my last car was rock solid, and passed all the relevant tasks required by law (UK MoT) but if I parked on a steep incline in very cold weather, it car would slowly begin to roll. I think most driving instructors here teach you to park in gear (and to check for being in neutral before starting the car). Advanced technique is to angle your wheels so if the car does roll, it will roll in such a way that the front wheels catch on the kerb to stop it)

Comment Re:On paper, this is a good decision (Score 0) 131

If they started to charge, wouldn't local competitors just spring right back up again?

I guess it depends how the local competitors went out of business (and maybe some local laws). If they crashed & burned and directors were declared bankrupt, then they may not be able to start another company for 'x' years. If they liquidated their assets, then maybe they can't raise capital to buy new infrastructure again.

It's not as cut and dried as going out of business, waiting for circumstances to change, and then going back in business.

Comment Re:If she really wanted to rescue the company... (Score 4, Interesting) 217

Of course, whenever she loses her job (voluntarily or involuntarily), I'm sure there's a golden parachute that will deploy and she'll be set for life either way. Ain't capitalism grand.

That sort of arrangement is common-ish practice with senior executives in some industries. Even with NDAs, etc. a company could be very uncomfortable about someone who once let it, and knows all of its secrets, going to a competitor...their contracts have all sorts of clauses and compensations.

For example, the guy who used to run the division of the (huge) company that I work in ended his tenure, and had a contract that basically said "when you leave here, you can't work in this industry again for at least 10 years". On the face of it, the contract terms sound s**t, but when there's a suitably golden parachute payment to protect against loss of earnings, then it makes it more palatable.

It sounds pretty outrageous for foot-soldiers like us, but when you get very high up the food chain, it's more common practice than you might think.

Comment Re:Trust Us, We're the Government (Score 1) 66

They need a standard that law enforcement can use in a court of law. Hacking firmware and colluding with corporations may or may not be happening, but it is almost certainly not going to be a capability that they want to advertise or even admit to in open court, even if they can get the court to admit it as evidence.

It doesn't have to be an open court. I'm not sure about elsewhere but here in the UK a case can be heard in a closed court if it's felt that it will cover material which shouldn't be made public

Comment Software engineering? (Score 2) 140

It might be a question of semantics, but you ask for a software engineering project for someone with no real programming experience. I would say that software engineering is far broader than just programming. Start with coding projects and move on to the larger/harder discipline of software engineering. Walk before running, and all that

Comment Re:Where did it all go right? (Score 2) 290

Can you think of any others?

Have to give a mention to the English Electric Lightning - one of the best planes ever produced by the British aviation industry. Very capable at the job it was designed for, and despite its age could still outpace most modern aircraft in a climb.

The Chinook's a very able workhorse as well

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