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Comment Re:Longevity (Score 1) 69

Weren't they going to crash the ISS into the atmosphere to dispose of it at one point? That would have been incredibly stupid.

Nope, eventually that will be it's fate.... I believe that the current project only goes out to 2025 which puts the re-entry in 10 years or so unless it's been extended.

If we're serious about missions to Mars (and potentially elsewhere) then I think that we need to keep ISS running. Not to do so kind of sends out the wrong's something that's within a few dozen hours of travel time of Earth but we can't maintain it. We're sending you an order of magnitude further away...cross your fingers that you won't need any help.

Comment Re:The fine won't hurt the DC owners. (Score 2) 169

The second rule is "treat every circuit as live, even if you know it is not" So yes the electrician was not taking the proper precautions if he was not treating the circuit as live.

Coincidentally, last night I was talking to my father who worked as an electrician/electrical engineer for over 30 years. He said that back in the day, it was quite common for sparkies to work on live kit....they knew the cables were live and knew how to respect them and what precautions to take. This wasn't just restricted to the standard 240V supply (c.f. the 110V used on the other side of the Pond) but also to distribution kit, running well into the kilovolt range. For example, bare end of armoured cable going into a substation being wiped and jointed by hand.....carefully, very carefully

Comment Re:This doesn't seem unusual. (Score 1) 152

Situation here is that to discuss company details outside the company is gross misconduct, and so would lead to dismissal. Share details with the media, then you'd get killed, buried, dug up, and then your corpse would be fired for gross misconduct. And I don't think this is an unusual situation. In fact, I know some employers who get a bit twitchy if they know that you have journalists uin your social circle away from work.

Comment Re:The reason Google Hangouts is vacant. (Score 1) 152

I wonder how long you could repeat that cycle? I reckon that once your CV has accumulated a few entries in the "Previous Experience" section stating that you left that employment because you were sacked for gross misconduct (which would be the fate to befall me if I discussed company details outside of work) then the offers of work might dry up as you would be seen as a bit of a liability

Comment Re:What is a republic? (Score 4, Funny) 122

It is considered an offense to open an umbrella on a street, for fear of spooking horses.
It is illegal to sell peanuts in Lee County after sundown on Wednesday.
It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.
In New York, adultery is still a crime.
Citizens may not greet each other by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers”.
In Alabama putting salt on railroad tracks may be punishable by death. ...

That's my plans for the weekend shot to s**t then....

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