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Comment: alzheimers or blind (Score 0) 203

by shnull (#41583945) Attached to: New Study Links Caffeinated Coffee To Vision Loss
what's it gonna be then? genetically modified pick-your-poison javabeans? I had a teacher in what you call it , first year of real school when you're 13 , priest teaching religion (yea, six years of catholic school will leave you fracked over for life) teaching masturbation makes you blind as well. That was also proven. How many people can disprove that after years of empirics ?

Comment: shin (Score 0) 381

by shnull (#41583821) Attached to: World of Warcraft Character Becomes Campaign Issue
sekai omg how about that for waste of mental energy, what the fuck do these people waste their time with (and i'm not pointing at the one playing a simple game to relax here), how the hell does that say something about your personality? Mah last ex-gf played wow (after i introduced her and a bit before i quit again), worst idea ever. Some people take it as addiction, others just relax with it. I had a strange double life for about eight hours this week-end on Lotro myself.
wurrz teh strait jacket at ?

Comment: Re:And now... (Score 0) 103

by shnull (#41583719) Attached to: Philippines' Cybercrime Law Makes SOPA Look Reasonable
mhm, the classic . I feel it's not because someone else has it worse you just have to be complacent about the situation you're in but it does remain a deadbeat classic to convince sheep-class humans. I also think if the protest holds out long enough it will just die out together with a generation that can't grasp todays world anymore. It's uncontrollable of sorts and that must be very scary if you're used to having total control all your life so far.
all it needs is a few new businesses making money in a new way and not giving in to some vague legal threat based on they doing it differently and not according to the ancient ways (read : taking profit from the elder tribes)
but will it persevere long enough, just have to wait and see, the anti-lobby could use some money as well since that does remain the key factor here

Comment: can i get my flameproof layman mantle on first (Score 0) 70

by shnull (#41527467) Attached to: Does Crowdfunding Work?
If anyone ever finds a one-fits-all-system that works every single time on everything, pls to mail me the pdf, call stephen hawking and become a forex trader
i think, if you plan to man your own mission to mars crowdfunding aint gonna do it. If however you need a little less what's the harm in at least trying while keeping an eye open for any other option that arises? Is there a law that says you cant do both ? You could probably even convince a 'real' investor better if you can show it you got this hundreds or more ? (no idea what the average is) people willing to support you. Better than a petition, people who are willing to spend makes good impression on 'investors' i suppose.
the biggest sin in life is not to have tried. i cant even get a thought up since it would mean independent business and the law says i cant do that. motivation zero, even if i could, which i dont know i can, i think i'll be ... by then, well that which does not kill you makes you crazy, ask the man himself
psch, did i wind off-topic again? dont tell me i did it again oh nooo

Comment: Re:Well damn (Score 0) 362

by shnull (#41525305) Attached to: Think Tank's Website Rejects Browser Do-Not-Track Requests
i keep a site for hobbyism and learning when my head is screwed on right and i could care less who comes there to read what or what not but that's besides the question.
this reminds me it's been a while since i fooled around with virtualbox, the ultimate cookiekiller. I dont know if any site can get your mac adress from a web server, i know you can switch it at will in a vm ? I wouldnt know how to find it out. Kind of inspiring to see what i can dig up about identifying hardware when a person visits a page. Thanks to the poster, much obliged, i've been very void of inspira- and motiva- lately

Comment: Re:Oh good. (Score 0) 226

by shnull (#38838799) Attached to: Engineered Stomach Microbe Converts Seaweed Into Ethanol
dare i as layman conclude that the carbon in the plants is released in a lot less time than would occur naturally, so the ecosystem has less time to recover than it would if the plant would just be rotting? And dare i think there's more carbon footprint to any combustion engine than only the co2 it emits when burning fuel? Thats why i like this place so much people here can explain cos they know what they talk about, thanks for the explanation

Comment: incredible amount of innovation ? (Score 0) 155

by shnull (#38805203) Attached to: Kinect For Windows Releasing On February 1
that would be like muzu.tv waving around, sesame street, googly eyes and hey auntie look, its a funny looking cartoon of me that waves when i do it ? ... colour me like impressed in the most sarcastic paint available, if ever there was a fastest selling consumer scam, this was it, it has potential tho but so far i havent seen it work out ... best i had is rise of nightmares which is sometimes indeed true horror to control until you get the hang of it. I hope plugging it into my pc will justify the cost now two years later, been thinking about just selling it a few times already

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.