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Comment: Kaspersky is not special (Score 3, Insightful) 288

Their program will slow down your computer with all kinds of security theater "features", but like any other antivirus, it will fail to root out most viruses written in the past 8 years once they've been executed and implanted themselves as a rootkit.

Comment: Re:I just switched. Not going back. (Score 1) 240

by shihonage (#49721183) Attached to: How Windows 10 Performs On a 12-inch MacBook
Early adopters have been singing this same tune since Windows 95 at least. It's NEVER been true. Each version of Windows is more bloated than the one before it. It's part of their development strategy.

The impression of new OS being snappier is always created by comparing the previous OS's well-worn install to the new OS's fresh, bare install, in other words, placebo effect and wishful thinking. ALWAYS.

Comment: It failed because of UI. (Score 3, Insightful) 359

by shihonage (#49557797) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed
Seriously, it was, and is, far more confusing and disorienting than Facebook ever was. It looked like a steep learning curve, to guess exactly what the privacy settings are, what "adding to circle" REALLY means, who sees WHAT, etc.

Too few explanations, too many "helpful" abstractions. Not enough intuitive responses... i.e. places you'd expect to be (redundantly but helpfully) clickable, aren't...

When it rolled out it looked like an alpha. I'm amazed that they fixed nothing since then.

Comment: Re:When you can't tell the difference... (Score 1) 667

by shihonage (#49264757) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'
Did you even read the article? Did you even understand my larger point? Because your comments have branched out into a very specific tangenial subject, which I have no interest in talking about. In fact, there's nothing I can say on this except what's already been said. The article is rubbish. It is axiomic. There are some very good comments under the article itself which explain why it is rubbish.

Comment: Comment under the article nails it. (Score 2) 667

by shihonage (#49264667) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'
"This reads like a liberal's didactic epistle to instruct the hidebound linguists that the lazy, ignorant and uneducated are their equals, particularly the minority youth and valley girls who might invent or redefine words to describe something because they "zoned out" during that learning opportunity in school. We mustn't judge."

As for my own words... the article purposely mixes the subject of language evolution (which is understandable) and just abandoning all the rules altogether. It is something straight out of the film "Idiocracy", and the more people stupidly embrace the notions of this article, the scarier our current reality is.

Comment: Re:When you can't tell the difference... (Score 1) 667

by shihonage (#49264631) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'
It's not just about the legal language. It's also about politicians who lie their asses off, openly, knowing the the public has long lost a sense of what the hell they're talking about. This is happening _now_.

Language doesn't have to be "complex". It just has to have agreed-on standards and meanings. And I really shouldn't have to explain or defend this. At all. To anyone.

Comment: When you can't tell the difference... (Score 1, Flamebait) 667

by shihonage (#49264493) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'
... between "terror" and "terrible", "fuhrer" and "furor", "suffering" and "suffrage", you're ripe for being fooled and robbed by politicians at every step. And not just politicians. EULAs can use fancy words, knowing that average Joe is barely literate, and put them in various forms of electronic bondage. Credit card applications... you name it. Everything around you will take advantage of you.

Having strong grasp of language is VITAL for a society's survival. This is axiomic. There shouldn't be articles about it. It's not a controversial issue, or rather, it only becomes one when average IQ dipped low enough to warrant creating excuses for not learning the language.

Comment: Figured out how to kill cows in humane fashion... (Score 1) 1081

by shihonage (#49259321) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
But not humans? Unfortunately the contrived intravenous and electric chair methods which result in horrendous suffering are result of idiots thinking that shooting someone in the head is "gross". Well, overcome your childish sensibilities. All death is gross. But this method is humane.

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