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Comment Avoiding Frustation (Score 4, Informative) 260 260

You can go simple and just avoid frustration by using OpenDNS:

They have a feature to block inappropriate websites, and I think you cannot change the DNS unless you have the sudo/root password.

Also, Adblock Plus blocks malware and social media (if your kids are too young to use Facebook).

Finally, YouTube has an option to block sensitive media, under account options.

Good luck!

Comment Re:License war commencing... (Score 1) 457 457

Removing the OtherOS option from the PS3 didn't stop piracy. And it didn't make it less easier. That was just a BS move made by a BS person. Also, they removed support for unlicensed controllers. What for? People had to buy new spare controllers when friends just want to play some casual stuff. Fk u, Sony.

Comment They think it's 2030 already. (Score 2) 400 400

Sony and MS thinks everybody lives in a world where the connection is great, never drops and has awesome upload speeds. I live in Brazil and have fiber with 15mbps of Download and 1mbps of Upload. And I'm one of the few that have access to fiber. Most are still using ADSL, ISDN or Cable. Well, let's see what happens when two consoles with the same hardware launches in the same period.

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