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+ - Breaking news: Australian government website hacke->

Submitted by
TheFrunj writes "In the mad fight to finally get a true R18+ rating for Australian gamers, there have been a few blows passed from both teams — the latest one was a flat-out refusal of the rating back in February 2009. While we're not sure exactly when it happened, hackers have posted a delightful message on the welcome page of the official Classification Website: http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/News/140964,breaking-news-australian-government-website-hacked.aspx"
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United States

Lessig Decides Not to Run For Congress 80

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the jedis-are-going-to-feel-this-one dept.
micheas writes "Larry Lessig has decided that running for U.S. Congress himself in a special election would be too risky to his Change Congress movement and has decided not to run. 'With lots of mixed feelings, I have decided a run for Congress would not help the Change Congress movement. I explain the thinking in this 5 minute video (a new record for me!). First question: What happens to the contributions to Lessig08? As explained on the ActBlue page, all will go to (the yet to be established) Change Congress organization.'"

Is AMD Dead Yet? 467

Posted by kdawson
from the pining-for-the-fjords dept.
TheProcess writes "Back in February 2003, IBM predicted that AMD would be dead in 5 years (original article here), with IBM and Intel the only remaining players in the chip market. Well, 5 years have passed and AMD is still alive. However, its finances and stock price have taken a serious beating over the last year. AMD was once a darling in this community — the plucky, up-and-coming challenger to the Intel behemoth. Will AMD still be here in 5 years? Can they pose a credible competitive threat to Intel's dominance? Do they still have superior but unappreciated technology? Or are they finally old hat? Can they really recover?"

+ - Internet Pioneer Unveils Flow Router->

Submitted by No_Weak_Heart
No_Weak_Heart (444982) writes "From this article in the Globe and Mail: "Lawrence Roberts, once part of a group that developed the world's first major computer packet network in the 1960s, started up Anagran Inc. in 2004 with the aim of developing a router that can better handle Internet traffic. The FR-1000 Flow Router, Anagran's first product, uses what the company calls behavioural traffic control, instead of existing methods of delivering data "packets" across networks, to ensure online video and voice services are delivered without interruptions.""
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The Internet

+ - Inflight internet returns to the skies -- Qantas->

Submitted by
SlinkySausage writes "Australian international airline Qantas has just announced inflight broadband will be available across all classes in its new fleet of A380s, as well as laptop power in economy and internet access in the seat-back entertainment system! It is also retrofitting existing 747s with elements of the scheme. Interestingly, it is also offering USB and RJ45 (!!) ports to every passenger but has yet to disclose what these will be used for. Full story at APC Magazine."
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