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Comment Even more reason to switch to knock-off brand (Score 2) 163 163

Sometimes I feel bad using off-brand products when I realize how much money the original innovator is losing to a copy-cat...then there are times like these. GM will have to raise their prices for an already over-priced product just so they can pander to suckers. I'll take my GMO's and other "artificial" food items where are completely harmless for half the price, thank you very much.

Comment Re:Equality (Score 1) 490 490

Well, for one thing Computer Science went from being a largely theoretical, mathematical field, to being more about useful programming and system architecture. When people make arguments like the one you are making, you completely ignore that the CS field is constantly going through giant paradigm shifts. It is completely unfair to compare interest of the various genders/sexes from 30 years ago because the field is completely different.

This isn't proof as it is entirely anecdotal, but I have a lot of women friends who love hard math and absolutely hate practical programming problems, while the majority of my guy friends fall on the other side of that divide. That is only one possible explanation.

Comment Here's likely what happened (Score 2) 190 190

The FBI asks him to describe what he was able to accomplish in his theoretical lab. He does, they cut and paste it into the affidavit leaving out the part that it was in a simulated environment. You should never believe what's in an affidavit, it's designed to get a warrant, or get a DA to prosecute, not to be truthful.

Comment The only bias in the author on Slashdot (Score 1) 328 328

The "inside the beltway mouthpiece" as this Slashdot article, so biasedly calls the article refuting the evidence, is full of actual, real counter arguments. The original study is horribly flawed in its conclusions. I know that the majority of Slashdotters have written off fracking as very dangerous, but this may be a new low in terms of biased reporting and abject failure of critical thinking. The original study found one chemical that is used in fracking, in extremely tiny amounts in drinking water. That same chemical is present in tons of everyday products (as others in this thread have mentioned). What is decidedly lacking from the drinking water samples is most of the other chemicals also present in fracking, which would seem to indicate that the source of contamination is not likely fracking at all.

Comment Easy solution (Score 0) 1081 1081

I'm against the death penalty for two reasons:
  1. You can't take it back if you were wrong
  2. It's too humane for monsters, when we have things like life without parole in solitary

However, if the debate is about a "humane" way to execute someone, why not inject them with the same drugs we use to knock someone out for surgery? No one debates the effectiveness of these drugs, they work, virtually every-time, hundreds of times a day for millions of people. The only bad side-effects are nausea and death, which aren't a problem in the execution process since the person isn't going to wake up anyway. Once they are out, you can dispose of them any way you like as they won't feel it.

Comment Too many security issues. (Score 5, Insightful) 176 176

The command placement and directory browsing is cool, but I don't want any command line that accidentally runs things when I click on them. I don't want any command line that tries to interpret my input as multiple scripting languages. Both of those sound like a security disaster.

Comment Example one... (Score 4, Insightful) 182 182

This is the reason we can't have a real conversation about Global Warming. It is a fact that islands sink. Little islands are commonly sinking slowly back into the ocean. This is long established, proved, and accepted. Erosion near cost lines is also well understood and a likely explanation. However, a bunch of "journalists" are using this story to promote Global Warming without ever even mentioning the most likely explanation. The resulting story gets promulgated across the internet because if fits a theme, that is popular and the media likes. This is simply unacceptable from a side that likes to claim "science" at every turn.

Comment Numbers? (Score 1) 410 410

"Civil rights groups dispute those figures and say other states have seen fewer African-American and Hispanic students attending highly competitive schools, especially in graduate level fields like law, medicine, and science."

I'm sure that is all about racism, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with whole "minority" thing, and there being less of them as a percentage of the population...

Comment Re:Low even for Slashdot (Score 1) 313 313

Nice try,

Facebook changing THEIR privacy policy directly affects users. The outcry is justified and has nothing to do with the politics of their CEO or board. This issue is entirely different. People are calling for boycotts and pressure because a perfectly capable board member used to work for the Bush administration which started a wiretapping program. It has NOTHING to do with what she personally has done nor what she has done as a board member of the Dropbox company.

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