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Comment Re:Salary vs. cost of living? (Score 1) 264 264

rent in the bay are is high, but 2500 get's you a 3-4 bed house in the east bay

You're missing the big picture of real estate: Equity.

When you pay into a mortgage you can sell the house or borrow against the equity. When you pay rent, you build someone else's equity for them. This person already has enough wealth to buy to pay the insane prices of houses in Silicon Valley. So the rich person is getting richer, and the poor person is going nowhere.

but you don't have many other expenses, silicon valley companies feed you, offer transportation, etc etc.

That was tried before in the coal mining towns of West Virginia. It doesn't turn out so well for the workers. See these. You're just skipping the pointless pieces of paper and instead presenting a company ID.

Comment Re:Bees (Score 2) 92 92

I agree with your conclusion but not your reasoning. Try this on for size:

The comparison with bees stings is misleading a BS statistic because they're comparing deaths per entire population rather than deaths per vulnerable population. A farmer in the middle of Oklahoma has a pretty low chance of being eaten by a shark but he has a shot at being a bee fatality. Therefore he's skewing that stat in the shark's favor for someone who is considering whether a beach is more risky than staying home with the bees.

Vulnerable-to-bee means anyone who is outside anywhere in any of the US's 3.8 million square miles. On a daily basis, this is pretty close to the entire population.

Vulnerable-to-shark means anyone who is in the water at or near an ocean, which translates to an area of about 88,633 square miles (source). Practically speaking, this is orders of magnitude less than the entire population otherwise the entire interior of the US would be abandoned.

Comment Re:Haiti Money went through the Clinton Foundation (Score 1) 235 235

Irrelevant. 'Voting against' is a consequence of a of a two-party system which is a consequence of a simple-majority, winner-take-all system. A system like run-off voting would fix this problem

I do agree the electoral college has far outlived its usefulness and is contrary to how a democracy should work, with its failure rate of 5%.

For all the hero worship the Founding Fathers get they made tremendous blunders when it came to the voting system.

Comment Re:Haiti Money went through the Clinton Foundation (Score 4, Insightful) 235 235

This is the woman people want for president

Here in the USA we do not have the luxury of voting for the person we want for president. We have to vote against the person that we don't want to be president.

See also

Comment Wifi enabling a washing machine (Score 1) 258 258

I recently had to open up my washing machine to fix a clogged pressure switch tube. Inside the control panel I found a wiring and timer diagram. I am mostly finished with writing some Raspberry Pi code to replace the timer with a Pi and a relay board. I installed a web server onto the Pi and put it on my Wifi network also. The ultimate goal is to allow Wifi control of my washing machine, as well as have it send notifications when it finishes, be able to check status, etc. I foresee those notifications popping up in the corner of my desktop in the immediate future, and maybe on a media center in the future (if I ever bother to make one an attach it to the TV)

Another interesting tidbit - a new washing machine timer costs more than the Pi+parts that I will replace it with. (Might Ebay it when I'm done)

Comment Re:Games (Doom) helped me into an IT career (Score 1) 170 170

Your story and mine are similar, and I suspect Zuckerberg's is also close. I suspect Zuckerberg said was true - for the people now in their early to mid 30s but I think circumstances have changed in the last 20 years. All the digging through manuals and "ATDT" tweaks we had to make back then are all, standardized, GUI driven and automatic these days. Save for DayZ, it'd been years and years since I downloaded and installed a mod on a game. It isn't even possible to mod most games out there these days.

Younger than that and video games are a more widely accepted past time, and require almost nothing in the way of technical expertise to make work. There are programmers in this demographic but you won't be able to say with 90% accuracy someone has a future in IT because the group of people playing video games is not limited to the people willing to spend hours hand tweaking system files to get it to run well (or at all).

Older than that and (I suspect) there wasn't much gaming to do.

Comment Re:Cheaper (Score 1) 349 349

Instead, the entire industry would rather piss around with games and "loyalty" programs and such.

For those that might not be aware, the purpose of those loyalty programs is so that business travelers have their corporate travel agency to get them flights on particular airlines every time they fly. The points belong to the individual, not the company. The employee collects the points which can be turned into free vacations and the airline charges the corporate account the difference.

Ironically though when you travel frequently for work the last thing you want to do is spend more time away from home.

-A former business traveller

Comment Re:I have worked at a few ISPs (Score 4, Interesting) 251 251

"...attempts to retain customers at any cost."

I use this to my advantage.

1. A competing trash service sent me a flier offering the same service at about 60% of the price I was paying. The current service matched the price for 1 year. Even if they're not making a dime on me they're dividing their fuel cost one more way.

2. Last month I called Time Warner and told them I wanted them to match the introductory price of competing internet service (~75% of regular price for 1 year). They did. This is the second time I've had my price lowered to an introductory rate without being a new customer.

When these prices run out I'll call again and get the rate lowered again. Or I'll cancel and go to the competitor. Either way, these add up to about $360 saved this year for two 15-minute phone calls. Pretty good $/hr.

Comment Re:He's not "conceited". He's absolutely correct! (Score 1) 400 400

Its development tools are a decade or more behind those of Java and C++.

It's worse than just being behind. Behind is a solvable problem. Basic IDE features like auto-completion/typo checking are impossible for the IDE when the content of an object can't be known until run-time. Consider a simple example that uses a random number to either define a given property on an object or not - the IDE fundamentally cannot know whether than property should show up in its autocomplete list. So I think the poor quality of the tools can also be blamed on poor JS design. JSDoc provides reasonable solution to this problem at the cost of writing a bunch of documentation that would be pedantic in other languages and negates weak types (not enforced unfortunately). I compare this to documenting every "int foo = 0;" in C++ with a comment saying "//this is an integer".

Ultimately, I feel the lesson comes down to this: Weakly-typed languages are for smaller projects than strongly-typed languages.

Unfortunately, if you need to do something in a browser you don't really have a strongly typed option right now. That is also a solvable problem, and as the browser becomes more and more important as a platform someone will solve it. Though, if you'd have asked me 10 years ago I'd have at least expected to be able to see the solution on the horizon by this point. :-(

Comment Without a security vulnerability? (Score 5, Insightful) 161 161

"All of this is done wirelessly and doesn't require the use of any exploit or security vulnerability"

"...detects the wireless signal sent out by a target drone, injects WiFi packets into the target’s connection, de-authenticates it from its real controller and then authenticates it to the Skyjack drone"

Uhh... for what definition of "security vulnerability" is this not a "security vulnerability"?

Submission + - Virtual World Money to Aid Real World Relief Effort

sheetsda writes: You've probably heard that you can pay for your EVE online subscription with the in-game virtual currency, ISK. EVE developer CCP has now taken that system a step further, and more noble by allowing players to spend that in game cash to donate to the Phillipines typhoon relief effort. Spend ISK for PLEX, donate the PLEX, and CCP will donate $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross relief effort.

Comment Re:These big battles are a rarity (Score 2) 296 296

but there's SOO much downtime in between PVP fights

I reopened my account a little under a month ago (originally quit when Diablo 3 came out, THAT game was a waste of time and money.). After two weeks back with my old alliance, spinning ships, AFKing in station, I joined a new one. Night and day. I have seen more action every day in the new alliance than all 2 weeks with the old one. The problem for me was that the old alliance had largely faded from glory and the remaining members are 80% people in a 12 hour different time zone, and located way out in the middle of where there was nothing for a lone player to shoot at. The remaining 20% were insulated in their own system 15 jumps away and own teamspeak server. They invited no one else to come with them. The new one is right in the sweet spot for my time zone, and in a much better location for PVP and quite active. There is so much PVP going on I haven't had as much time to try out the new exploration mechanics as I would like, and best of all I don't feel like I need to be on all the time so that I don't miss what little action there is.

Ultimate lesson: A new corp solved your situation in my case.

I felt barely competent after 4 months of play.

But competent nonetheless... Mastering a game ultimately makes it boring. Four months would be quite a short time scale to master any decent MMO. The deeper the game, the longer it takes.

The curve is just too high for people looking to have fun and not turn the game into a way of life

I assume you have seen this, but I will post it for the amusement of others: EVE Learning Curve

Unrelated comment: I have only recently come to realize that EVE is only cosmetically a game about space ships. Its true nature is more a game of risk versus reward. You can mine in 0.5 space and make money faster... but those suicide gankers are 2 jumps away, or you can mine in 0.9 space and make less. Make your choice and live with the consequences. Trust no one, and never undock anything you cannot afford to lose.

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