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+ - Julia Shramm made a terrific deal, for pirates, too.->

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shazzle writes: "Julia Schramm might have well realised what she was really in for, to Pirate's advantage. Her deal with the publisher was truly exceptional.

She has negotiated with the publisher, in an exceptional agreement, that private entities’ sharing her work non-commercially, are not be charged to cover damages before they get a warning from the publisher. As far as I know, this kind of a contract clause is unheard of. Only repeated violations may be punishable. In addition, Julia has promised to share her work freely after the contract expires in ten years time. Again, it is very unusual in the publishing industry to give commercial rights back to the creator after such a short time. Maybe the Finnish Pirate Party’s demands are not that radical after all."

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Comment: Re:Sudden influx of Google is Evil Stories (Score 2) 287

by shazzle (#38830789) Attached to: Top Google Executives Approved Illegal Drug Ads

Shattering of an illusion that has tried to tell us about for so long: Google is evil, like all the rest of them.

Some alternatives to searching, which I think is the most dangerous tool to lose your privacy on: and of course that has many SSL-solutions, depending on your OS.


Ireland May Be Next To Censor the Internet 155

Posted by kdawson
from the sure-and-it's-a-good-man's-weakness dept.
An anonymous reader writes "According to the Irish Times, the government of Ireland — the country that recently made blasphemy a criminal offense — has had extensive talks regarding the censorship of the Internet. Details are a little sketchy, as the documents requested under the Freedom of Information request were denied; however, '...the ongoing high level of discussion on the subject is indicated in the detailed description of each refused item in the list of materials returned by the [Department of Justice].' Ireland seems to be following the well-trodden path blazed by the Land Down Under, justifying censorship with 'won't somebody think of the children!' (and the copyright holders)."

Comment: Re:Libertarianism? (Score 1) 875

by shazzle (#29767089) Attached to: 1Mb Broadband Access Becomes Legal Right In Finland

Capitalism works because it relies on forcing people to become greedy and punishing the minority that doesn't.

Fixed that for ya.

Since you also acknowledge that greed is not a good thing, why would you want to support a system that is BUILT ON GREED?

For myself, I would like to see a system that would punish greedy people for the advantage of the meek. NOT the other way around.

Comment: Re:Don't do this (Score 1) 356

by shazzle (#27699917) Attached to: Copyright Lobby Targets "Pirate Bay For Books"

What's the problem in making people dumber?

If the people are dumber, they'll be more easily manipulated and that saves a lot of money from the Big Media persuading people!

The big companies don't want smart consumers, they want consumers that buy - governments don't want smart citizens criticising bad developments either. Ignorance is bliss, and a strength too, just not for us regular sheeplings.

Comment: Re:here we go again (again) (Score 1) 171

by shazzle (#27473419) Attached to: Chrome EULA Reserves the Right To Filter Your Web

I really do NOT like people, who think that articles, (pretty much ALL news) that increase our awareness are a waste of time. It pisses me off even more, that these same morons do NOT realise that they, and they're opinions have been effected. If you're feeling impotent and powerless, please do not try to spread that kind of feebleness. It's depressing and a lie to tell people that they are powerless.

For example, I read this on slashdot, paste the news to a dozen IRC-channels and make a lot of people grasp the idea of Google's draconian EULAs. Engineering opinions is neverending and DEFINITELY worth doing. Please carry on spreading information.

Comment: Voting should always be done secretly (Score 3, Insightful) 143

by shazzle (#25474349) Attached to: US's First Internet Votes To Be Cast This Friday

Don't forget that after one can vote from home, or better yet, cellphone, votes can be sold MUCH easier. I don't think blackmail is out of question either.

Also, once daddy has made up his mind who the family is voting for, he can observe his family-members vote for the 'right' candidate.

It is still necessary to go to give your vote in a voting booth and for the sake of democracy, I suggest that voting should remain as easy and uncomplicated as it is. This is one of the only things I pride myself on being conservative of.

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