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Comment: What I use to prevent malare (Score 0) 470

by shareme (#27632355) Attached to: A Secure OS For the Dalai Lama?
This is what I use: Ubuntu Linux using wubi as single file on Windows vista Machine. 1. autorun anything turned off..yes they will target Linux when desktop Linux gets popular. 2. use google to error check websites for malware..type url into google search and click from there as google flags malware sites. 3. check verify all executing programs that are downloaded.

Comment: May I make a suggestion? (Score 0) 918

by shareme (#27354209) Attached to: With a Computer Science Degree, an Old Man At 35?
May I make a suggestion? The easiest way to get the age question not asked is to build a product. While pursuing the CS degree come up with 100 product ideas weed them down to ones that can be completed with your resources and build a few products. Both Android and iPhone app ,markets are low cost dev times and expense..ideal opportunity

The sooner you make your first 5000 mistakes, the sooner you will be able to correct them. -- Nicolaides