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by shallot (#46218639) Attached to: Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards
Actually, no. All debit transactions made through the typical POS systems in Europe are entirely reversible within something like a day or so. So the procedure is the same - you notice a problem, call your bank, scream a little bit, and they undo the damage. The only way you have a real problem is if someone steals your card and your PIN and manages to make an ATM withdrawal up to the maximum daily limit (which can be configurable beforehand, I have it at something like 700 EUR) before you notice and do the screaming routine to get your card locked out of the system.

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by shallot (#45684041) Attached to: Why Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Is Absurd

Let's say that you have 8 CPU's, you may need to wait for 8 CPU's to be unused on the physical host your are on before you get to do any work at all. If you have 1 or 2 CPU's than this is far less of an issue. The greater the core count the bigger the issue.

You seem to be describing a "feature" in versions of VMware that are very old these days.

See some of the answers e.g. at

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It will look exactly like they do today.


All the "cloud" has done for the world is given consumers a place to store pictures of their cat's and access to music they would have otherwise (or already have) stolen. [...]

Also, in 15 years, people will still be pissing off Bob the Angry Flower. :)

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Mod parent up. When I read the book I was still very young, and I thought at the time I was reading something that was specially crafted for my age because it was so clear and easy to read even if it was talking about a topic that was hard to comprehend. Now that I think about it, and having read so many worse books in the meantime, I can't help but think it was a masterpiece.

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OpenVZ (Virtuozzo) and Linux-VServer used to be the big names in virtualization. Now Linux has LXC in the mainline kernel. Virtualization with Xen and KVM are nice. But when you want to run Linux in virtualized guests you get a much better performance with para virtualization.

You messed up your terminology. Xen is paravirtualization by default. OpenVZ and VServer are OS-level virtualization.

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In forty years, the world will be almost entirely identical to this one. In 1960, the world expected flying cars and jetpacks and bases on the moon and mars by 2000 and other than the internet, the world of 2000 was pretty much the world of 1960. The world of 2050 is going to pretty much be the world of 2011.

Speak for yourself - in the (European, seaside) village where my mother was raised, mass electrical power distribution first appeared in 1961. I assure you that their world of 1960 was quite significantly different to their world of 2000.

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