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Comment Re:IQ != Intelligence (Score 1) 928 928

IQ correlates well with convergent thinking; not intelligence as a whole. Have a look at Lewis Terman's results of his extensive research into IQ testing.

He discovered that high IQ does not correlate with success. In fact, his "termites" (children with exceptionally high IQ) were statistically identical to children of more ordinary IQ levels in terms of financial success and position in life. If we choose to believe that intelligent people will be statistically more successful that unintelligent people, then IQ does not correlate with intelligence.

More recent research indicates that intelligence is comprised of various qualities, only one of which is measured by IQ. For instance, IQ does not capture divergent thinking - the ability to be creative. A genius tends to have high levels of both convergent and divergent thinking. Einstein for instance required a lot of creativity in order to imagine a universe where the space-time continuum itself bends as a result of gravitational influences. Purely convergent thinking is insufficient to make these conclusions.

Comment Re:Biblical? (Score 2, Informative) 347 347

The retina of the eye contains two types of light sensitive cells: cones and rods. The cones are responsible for the eye's ability to distinguish colour and function well in good lighting conditions. The cones are further broken down into three types of cones, each sensitive to one of the three primary colours. The rods are responsible for providing vision when the ambient lighting is low. There is only one type of rod. As a result, when observing in very low light conditions, the eye can only see in black and white.

The rods are located near the outer edges of the retina. This is why very distant stars that are barely visible appear brighter if you use your peripheral vision to view them by looking off to the side.

Comment Re:didn't Tesla do this decades ago? (Score 3, Informative) 246 246

Can a device like the ones we are discussing actually "pull" more power from the source if present ?

Yes, the process uses inductive coupling and works just like a transformer.

There are two ways to transfer energy wirelessly. Either you couple the receiver to the transmitter using the near field (inductive coupling), or you obtain the energy from the radiated energy in the far field (electromagnetic radiation).

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