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+ - Japanese Fishermen Capture Rare, Albino Dolphin in Taiji Cove->

Submitted by disco_tracy
disco_tracy (1780182) writes "Fishermen and divers caught at least 25 dolphins in a controversial Japanese fishing village Saturday, according to environmentalists, who said the process was captive selection ahead of a mass slaughter. Among the captured dolphins was a baby albino, which has already been taken from its mother. Experts think is could be worth $200,000 to a marine park."
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Comment: Re:We need a new right... (Score 1) 205

True. I cut Cable TV because a) the programming was rank and; b) the ad time has grown to nearly 16 - 18 minutes per hour* of "show". So, yesterday I turned the radio on and went off NPR (US public radio), every station bar none was playing an ad.

I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus, NoScript, BetterPrivacy, et. al.

I don't mind ads I just hate being carpet bombed.

*Official old guy here: Eight minutes of commercials back in the day.

Comment: Re:"Pvt. Beetle Bailey here to educate the user!" (Score 1) 370

by sfled (#37658460) Attached to: US Drone Fleet Hit By Computer Virus

Lol, the CSRs on the phones were not engineers! They were $10/hr phone-support-with-script monkeys. You would not believe some of the crap we would find stuffed around, behind, under and in the computers. They would pry back the fascia that covered the floppy and CD drive bays (see my original post, we ordered the machines without these drives), and fill them with candy bar wrappers, fast food napkins and whatever else was too difficult for them to place in a wastebasket.

Comment: "Pvt. Beetle Bailey here to educate the user!" (Score 2) 370

by sfled (#37643252) Attached to: US Drone Fleet Hit By Computer Virus

"Infected via flash drives." "Educate the user."

Oh bullshit! Never, _ever_ trust a user.

Seriously, I worked IT at a call center. The first thing you did with the machines when they came in was log in to the BIOS, disable ports like COM & USB, and set a BIOS password. If the thing was shipped to us with a floppy or cd/dvd drive (they were ordered bare but sometimes Gateway f-d up), we would remove the hardware before putting them in service. They were also imaged for whatever floor they were scheduled to be on (outsourced call center - Comcast, ATT&T, Sprint, Hughes Sat.) and out they went.

Once, a Bell South supervisor memo'd and called upper management and said he had to have USB to save and transfer reports, etc. And BOOM, a virus went through the Bell South floor like shit through a goose. That was the end of "educating the user."

Never, ever trust a luser.

Sigmund Freud is alleged to have said that in the last analysis the entire field of psychology may reduce to biological electrochemistry.