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Comment I like LeCroy best, but get demo units to test (Score 1) 281

I went with the LeCroy. Touch screen. A TON of features I still have never used, but I know they are there if I ever need to use 'infinite strip-chart' mode.

USB and cd burner for output. Ethernet if you are brave enough to put something like that on the web. I do not since I don't want to deal with patches on my scope. Sort of hard to explain a warez or pron sever on your test equipment to the IT security goons.

Nice math features. UNLIKE stupid techtronix scopes, the trigger ACTUALLY TRIGGERS like a sane person expects it to. The only good thing I can say about techtronix is that I can get schematics and they use less exotic parts than others. Also, I've seen them knocked off work benches by undergrads and still work.

The big bonus on the Lecroy was the all-so-handy magic blue "auto" button for easy setup that does a decent job of setting the timebase and voltages to catch your signal most of the time.

I was stuck between the HP and LeCroy for a while but HP's customer dis-service made up my mind for me in a hurry. (HP, Agilient, Avantgoober, what the-hell-ever they are calling it now--it's all the same. Another company leaving skidmarks as it circles the bowl on it's way to China. By the way: THANKS Carly Fiorina for destroying a decent company for short-term profits. Nice job asshole. Not surprised John McCluless had you as a campaign advisor... Your kind sucks for what it has done to our country and I hope you loose every cent in this economic meltdown you helped cause.) I miss the old HP. I want the old HP back.

There, I feel a little better.

Anyway, Lecroy let me try their unit out for a week and it had all the features I wanted. Had it for three years and just love it. In fact, I had to chain it to my bench in the electronics area to keep it there since grad students were sneaking in while I was on lunch and borrowing it. That's probably the best testimonial that can be said for it, since they have Agilent and Tec scopes in the lab my scope keeps vanishing into.

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