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Submission + - Mass Stalking Organized On Facebook

Jack Action writes: "Police in Cambridge, Ontario are investigating a 700-hundred member Facebook group that was dedicated to harassing and posting humiliating photos of a black, apparently homeless woman. Called "Obeeba Sightings" (the name group administers gave to the woman), Facebook members called the woman racist and sexually explict names, and called for her to be run over by a car and put in a trash compactor. In their response to the incident, Cambridge police indicated Facebook cooperated fully with them in their investigation to the point of handing over IP addresses for all those involved in the group; at which point Facebook shut down the group. Police say it is the worst case of online harassment they have ever seen.

Recent research indicates Facebook is homogeneous even by the standards of the internet, and that members of social networks are more likely to "cyber-bully." Is this a sign that cyber-bulling will get worse as social networks make themselves more like-minded and exclusive? Should companies like Facebook be held responsible for the bad behaviour of their members? Or is this just the nature of distance and anonymity on the internet?"

Submission + - No lack of talent, but lack of recognition in IT->

athloi writes: "The little-known truth in corporate America is that there is no talent shortage, just a severe shortage of people and systems that recognize, recruit and retain talent. Hiring managers have been told repeatedly that there is a talent shortage across all industries and that they should lower their expectations."
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Submission + - This asteroid is still coming!-> 1

BigBadJohnny writes: " teroid_apophis_formerly_2002_ny40.html Apophis, a "near miss" on Aug. 17th and 18th, 2006, is again due in 2029 (Friday, April 13), and will pass, closer than the August 2006 pass, within the orbits of our communication satellites. Enough scientists are working on this potential cataclysmic episode to staff 1/6 of the McDonalds "fast food" restaurants in the world! More info? read the article, at Associated Content!"
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Submission + - Nearly 900K US Troops health care records exposed

blueser writes: Military Times reports that "personal health care records of nearly 900,000 troops, family members and other government employees stored on a private defense contractor's nonsecure computer server were exposed to compromise". Exposed information includes social security numbers, names, addresses and coded health data. The contractor has been aware of the data breach since May 29, when USAFE notified them about an insecure data transmission. The Petangon and FBI have already been involved, and the contractor is already notifying those that have been affected.
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Submission + - Apple Announces YouTube and 160G for Apple TV

Cygfrydd writes: "According to AppleInsider, Steve Jobs today announced, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal at the D: All Things Digital conference, that an upcoming software upgrade to the Apple TV will allow access to YouTube content and (finally!) will be soon offering the Apple TV with a 160GiB internal hard drive, increasing the device's ability to store content internally by a factor of 4."

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