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Comment: Re:Ironic Comment (Score 1) 90

by serveto (#40697027) Attached to: One Tablet Per Child Program Begins In Thailand

Considering you are typing this on a computer, connected to the internet. Face it Luddite, ebooks, internet, computers, tablets, are the FUTURE, and the future is now.

None of which addresses the point that spending money on computers might not be good value in this case. P.S. Look up irony, you might learn something.

Comment: Re:two parties is a natural evolution (Score 3, Informative) 362

by serveto (#30511818) Attached to: Facebook Campaign Decides UK Christmas Music Charts

two parties the ultimate natural evolution of all democracies, and this is a good thing, despite you and your fringe beliefs, whether far right or far left. your marginalization is a benefit to the stability of your country

Rubbish. The two party system is a consequence of our first-past-the-post electoral system, a vote for any other party is wasted. Also, this is a bad thing because people will vote for the least-worst option, rather than the best, the Conservatives will swing the marginal seats they require to win the next election in the UK. Most people are effectively disenfranchised.

Comment: Re:Copyrights are going to be forgotten (Score 2, Insightful) 280

by serveto (#29730901) Attached to: 100 Years of Copyright Hysteria

As technology improves, we are eventually going to forget about copyrights;

The way things are going, it looks like you're right. They're going to be completely forgotten, right about the time people start completely forgetting their moral obligation to pay the artist. That's right about the time that culture will (almost) completely be wiped out.

So true, look at how there was no culture at all before copyright.

Comment: Re:*readies his version of IDA* (Score 1) 235

by serveto (#29693621) Attached to: Microsoft Readies Ad-Supported Office Starter 2010
Rubbish, there’s no required payment. Microsoft choose to load this on people's PCs whether the customers want it or not. There's no contract between the customers and MS for this software. You buy the PC, you do what you want with, it's called ownership. I don't ask people to put ads on websites and I block them; I'm not morally obliged to read them.

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