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Comment: The A10 SoC's Video Decoding Unit Sucks (Score 1) 69

CedarX doesn't support any of the standard Android video deocoding APIs, so any media players that use it have to be compiled against an undocumented, closed-source library. It seems that Rockchip is hostile toward open source. The kernel that's developed by the arm-netbook community is NOT supported by Rockchip, and kernel source has actually been coming from vendors and the community.

Comment: Re:Foxconn suicides (Score 1) 386

by sequencesequence (#38906343) Attached to: In Xhengzhou, Thousands Vie For Foxconn Jobs
The issue wasn't the number of worker suicides, but the fact that they died on Foxconn property. Don't compare this incident to the suicide rate of the general population, instead compare the number of suicides per manufacturing facility. Suicide's fine, but it is NOT normal to commit suicide at work.

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