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Comment: Apple and the law (Score 1, Insightful) 465 465

I detest Apple but I think they have a point here. If you buy an iPad, you get ownership and the right to transfer the ownership of that iPad. However, when you buy an app, you buy a personal right to use the app. This right is not transferable. If it was, there would be a lively secondary market in apps. The fact that the owner dies does not make the apps transferable either. I assume the will only mentions transference of ownership of the iPad (which is valid) and maybe the apps (which is invalid). If the will doesn't mention other data, they will need a court order. Apple just wants to protect itself but as usual does it in their own arrogant and insensitive way.

Comment: Waste of time (Score 1) 611 611

I don't have to quote anybody to say that this is a complete waste of time. It would be more useful to debate Disney about the existence of Mickey Mouse. Let the creationists have their own museum and don't try to convince them that they're wrong. Knowing that evolution is the only right answer doesn't make you smart and by giving creationists free publicity like this you run the risk that dumb people will start to believe the easy (and lazy) answer of "god did it". In the end that will do more damage than good.

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