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+ - Bizarre, Squishy Robots Evolve to Run: "Doom Us All" -> 1

Submitted by semios
semios writes: "A team of researchers has done something remarkable: they've demonstrated simulated evolution in a visible, simple way. Also, they've doomed us all." writes DVICE in response to a viral video of soft robots that have evolved to run. BuzzFeed calls it "the simplest demonstration of evolution you'll ever see." NBC News notes that "simulating creatures has been a staple of biological science for years, but this video shows advances in the field that are both interesting and a little creepy. These virtual 'soft robots' evolved bizarre but somehow natural-looking gaits over thousands of generations." Discover Magazine says "they look ridiculous, and may seem counterintuitive, but these squishy robots get the job done." Evolution was able to design robots with multiple materials akin to muscle, bone and soft tissue. DVICE concludes "So these robots are capable of evolution and could theoretically be printed in a lab, out of structures that could be identical in makeup to those of their human creators. The Cylons are coming, folks. Cute, galloping Cylons. It's just a matter of time. So say we all."
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Comment: Re:Guile supports curly-infix, too! (Score 1) 107

by semios (#42956627) Attached to: Two Years of GNU Guile Scheme 2.0

{{(another 'cool thing') about 'GNU guile' } is
    {'most recent version' supports
(clarification (clarify 'SRFI-105'
                                                (developed 'Readable Lisp S-expressions Project')

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