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Comment Re:Does it have to be in China? (Score 1) 133

The Far East has plenty of factories that can ramp up production of any virtually any non-radical design in a matter of weeks. The West has no such industry, most factories aren't set up to build anything but specific products for the owners of the factory concerned, and it takes months to segue into new designs.

Which is why China is kicking our ass.

And that won't change either, as long as we assume manufacturing is somehow beneath us as a nation.

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 1) 146

Honestly, you can't rebut someone's point about a feature of systemd simply by stating a random, completely unsuitable, feature of init. Arguments don't work that way. To rebut something you need to actually deal with your opponent's argument.

BTW init sucks. systemd isn't perfect, but at least it isn't init.

Comment Re:science fiction (Score 1) 34

1% is too high, 100 ppm is the correct number for a "good" metals-rich asteroid. However, most of the value in an asteroid is the bulk materials. A ton of metallic asteroid is worth at least $5 million if turned into something useful in high orbit, because that how much it costs to deliver *anything* to that orbit today. the PM content is 100 grams, worth ~$3,200. Anyone who thinks PM is the reason to mine asteroids hasn't talked to a mining geologist about ore values.

Comment Re:science fiction (Score 1) 34

Right now, the best cost for getting stuff to GEO transfer orbit is ~$5000/kg. That includes propellant to complete getting to GEO, which is the desired destination. Hauling loads of asteroid rock to Earth orbit, and processing them for propellant could generate about 100 tons a year, thus worth $500 million/year, with 40-100 tons of starter equipment, and an additional 100 tons/year for each 20 tons more equipment (mainly more ore tugs to fetch rock faster). The trick is to do it at low enough cost to make a profit, but it's not orders of magnitude away, it's roughly profitable with reasonable development costs.

Comment Re:America has been put in a bad position. (Score 2) 509

The problem is that Americans think their problems are a result of immigration. The issue is nothing more than a convenient political scapegoat that populists are all but desperate to eat up as it appears to legitimize their xenophobia and present a simple, or at least theoretically attainable, goal. A goal which is a solution for nothing, but a goal none-the-less. When folks have socially unacceptable attitudes, they are easily led to believe they are part of the "real talk" truth - as if they are somehow inherently mature or realist. It's the same reason why nutjobs fell into the 9/11 truther bullshit. It's nothing but a dog and pony show for the middle class so that they don't tune into the real problems America faces.

Comment Re: Wow (Score 1) 36

I think the idea is that the actions average out to neutral. The character may do good or bad actions, but there is no particular bias toward good or bad. Just as a good or evil character may occasionally do bad or good actions, respectively, but they each have a consistent bias over the collection of all of their actions.

Comment Re: How about "no"? (Score 1) 647

How did I insult you? I think that suppression of speech is unreasonable and will never give positive results. If your argument is one of censorship, then it is an stupid argument. But there's no need to take this debate so personally. I'm not angry at all; I'm laughing... it's funny that I have to defend free speech.

The best way to fight stupid ideas, like Nazism and censorship laws, is to argue with them. Using force in place of open debate, like both the Nazis and the modern German state does, so clearly doesn't get the desired results. Also, the fact that censorship is the law in Germany doesn't make it a valid position. I'm free to argue against your dumb laws and you're free to argue back... Or you can just act offended. I don't really care either way. :)

Comment Re: How about "no"? (Score 1) 647

...NO ONE will sympatise with you. You won't be a martyr but osterised. And rightly so.

Keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile, there is a population of actual neo-Nazis in Germany, responsible for all sorts of violence up to this day. Meanwhile, in countries where they can have their little marches and we can all attend to laugh at them, their numbers have dwindled to almost nothing.

You can keep attesting that suppressing speech gets positive results, but the facts don't seem to support your argument. In forums hosted in the US like Slashdot, we'll not outlaw your stupid authoritarian arguments, but we will laugh at them. No amount of capital letters in your arguments can force us to accept them.

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