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Comment Re:I thought it was the desktop... (Score 2) 167

I know that Lowe's uses Linux on the desktop. Hell, the computer kiosk in the paint section usually has a not-too-well hidden keyboard nearby - press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and watch X close up, only to be quickly reopened to relaunch the Adobe Flash-based kiosk animation.

I've interviewed at Lowe's several times at different stores (for menial retail positions), and each time I made a point of asking the managers how many Windows machines they had on-site. The answer has never been more than "two".

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 785

Where can I get more information about the overall boot process and architecture of Windows? A lot of it seems obscure - I only recently learned that ntoskrnl.exe also is the Windows equivalent to ld.so as well as being the kernel. I used to think it was NTDLL.DLL because newly-created processes would have their process image path set to %SystemRoot%\system32\NTDLL.DLL before shifting to the actual program being loaded.

Comment Re:But the real question is.. (Score 1) 184

At least USB works on my Windows box. What a fucking fag this guy.

USB Passthrough for running Windows in a VM. It's flaky as hell when doing e.g. firmware updates of connected embedded devices (especially, as noted, when the connected device has it's PID:VID change during the firmware flash.)

Go read the full post next time before opening your keyboard and letting your shit-for-brains leak out of your mouth.

I don't care what you say. Linux VM -> Windows Host, Windows VM -> Windows Host, Windows VM -> Linux Host, Linux VM -> Linux Host, you'll always have trouble with USB Passthrough for a certain subset of tasks.

Comment Re:Who's idea was this anyhow? (Score 1) 204

Google did not remove that feature. It's still present in Android 5.1. It's probably sill present in Android 6.0. It is, and has always been (since it's introduction in Android 2.2), a compile-time "optional" feature that can be disabled or enabled at build time. If the OEM that made your phone choose to disable this feature when they built the KitKat update for your phone, blame them, not Google.

If you're that fussed, go install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. You'll almost surely get that feature back (unless whomever builds the port for your phone decided to also disable it in their specific builds. You can always ask custom ROM devs nicely to get it back.)

Comment Re:500MB (Score 1) 204

Actually, the biggest issue with wireless is system capacity. Wireless will always fall behind wired for system capacity.

Here's an example: 802.11n running at a signalling bitrate of 150Mbit/s, in an ideal radio environment, delivers a goodput rate of around 46Mbit/s. This is taking into account things such IP and TCP header overhead (which is why I say goodput, not throughput.) Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX) delivers a goodput rate of around 96Mbit/s. (802.11a and g, both with a signalling rate of 54Mbit/s, deliver goodput rates of 22.5Mbit/s and 20Mbit/s, respectively.)

Another example: HSPA+ 21.6 (AT&T's maximum 3G upgrade it sells as 4G; also the second-maximum for T-Mobile US) delivers a maximum goodput rate of about 16.2Mbit/s. DC-HSPA+ 42 (T-Mobile's best 3G) delivers a maximum goodput rate of about 33Mbit/s. LTE actually fares much better, with a maximum signalling rate of 75Mbit/s in the 10MHz downlink configuration, delivers about 71Mbit/s maximum goodput rate.

Comment Re:500MB (Score 1) 204

I also don't see the point in trying to watch video on a tiny screen.

Then I take it that you don't see the point on trying to watch video on a 15" computer monitor two feet from your head, or a 50" TV that's about ten feet from your head, because those would have the same apparent size as the 5" display about 7" from your head, that is, all three should occupy roughly the same percentage of your vision cone.

Comment Re:SMS requires separate connection (Score 2) 204

This is also true in GSM. If there are one (or more, say, if you're also tethering at the same time) GPRS/EDGE PDP sessions ("data connections"), just like in the case of a phone call, they are suspended whilst the SMS is transmitted or received. On older Nokia Series 60 devices, you'll notice that the G-with-box to show connected data will momentarily turn to a G with a "not" slash through it while SMS transmission or delivery is handled.

However, if the user is in the middle of a voice or dial-up data call (Circuit-Switched Data, completely different from GPRS/EDGE), then the SMS is indeed transmitted in the signalling overhead - specifically, the SACCH (Slow Associated Control Channel).

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 161

I haven't lived in Tampa in nearly three years, just goes to show how poor your ability to research is.

There is a good chance, mind you, that I might just live "forever". I honestly don't think connectome mapping is going to take three hundred years to come about. I might be wrong, but there were those in the 1980s that insisted that the level of computer communications we have today wouldn't happen until around 2150.

And it's worth noting that no one who is 25 thinks they will "live forever", outside of the possibility of future technological development, and even that's seen as a very long shot in the dark. I fear you may be projecting your own psychological faults from when you were that age upon me because you have no real arguments to make.

However, at least I have the balls to show my face, Anonymous Coward. If I were a basement denizen, wouldn't I want to hide myself?

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 161

No, a heartless asshole would keep themselves alive. A truly caring person would end both their own suffering and the suffering of their family (and if you think your family isn't hurting to see you basically reduced to nothing, you're even less empathic than you imply me to be. They aren't happy to see you. They're saddened.)

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