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Comment: Re:Want Critical Thinking? Fix the Public Schools (Score 1) 553

by segin (#48228245) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
The concept doesn't seem that old to me, or perhaps my area (Tampa, Florida) was just very late to the game. Until I was in 6th grade (2001), both the K-12 school and public libraries ran on IBM 3270 dumb terminals. As "field, field, X, enter, field, field, field", etc., was somewhat difficult for many students, card catalogs were available until several years after the switchover. The schools didn't rid themselves of them until 2003, and the public library system removed them in 2008, except at large regional branch libraries, where they were still available and updated (although not as rigorously or regularly as the digital catalog) as of January 2013 (when I moved out-of-state.)

Comment: Re:More useful if symmertical (Score 1) 224

by segin (#46867351) Attached to: How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

Actually, you're half-right. I'm not sick of compression, just bad compression. 100Mbit/s would actually be fine, but extra headroom for multiple streams, etc., wouldn't be bad. I don't mind MP3 if it's e.g. 256kbit/s or 320kbit/s,

And then there's the "download and then play" type consumption for media. Maybe I rather not stream, but download and watch later? Gigabit on the home server would make that a whole lot less painful on a decent public Wi-Fi.

Oh, let's not forget "future-proofing". If it's not needed today, it'll certainly be needed tomorrow. Rather just get it done and over with before there's a problem

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