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Comment: Re:More useful if symmertical (Score 1) 224

by segin (#46867351) Attached to: How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

Actually, you're half-right. I'm not sick of compression, just bad compression. 100Mbit/s would actually be fine, but extra headroom for multiple streams, etc., wouldn't be bad. I don't mind MP3 if it's e.g. 256kbit/s or 320kbit/s,

And then there's the "download and then play" type consumption for media. Maybe I rather not stream, but download and watch later? Gigabit on the home server would make that a whole lot less painful on a decent public Wi-Fi.

Oh, let's not forget "future-proofing". If it's not needed today, it'll certainly be needed tomorrow. Rather just get it done and over with before there's a problem

Comment: Re:Rather have vector (Score 1) 115

by segin (#46703043) Attached to: Google Chrome 34 Is Out: Responsive Images, Supervised Users

The vast majority of images on the web aren't photographs and could easily be vectorized. Need some examples? The Slashdot logo, the stats "medal" icon, the user settings icon in the user info box, the Slashdot TV icon, the Chrome logo in the summary, every single comment's "flag this comment" icon, the friends bubbles...

There's about 700 images on this very page alone that could be vectorized. None of them are actual photographs.

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