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Comment Re:Sure they can. (Score 1) 138

Actually... that's not correct... in the least... T-Mobile is actively deploying LTE across their entire 2G footprint, and are skipping 3G in the process. 2G cell sites are going to 2G/LTE but not 3G. If it's still justifiable after that's all done, then they might do a second pass to throw up 3G as well. By then, though, I expect them to be well into going into "4.5G" - whatever enhancements to LTE that are still-to-come whilst we wait for "5G" - assuming 5G will involve a revolutionary air interface (5G might end up being LTE as well.)

Comment Re:oh please! (Score 1) 90

Because if I were a marketing agent at Tampax, I'd like to do my fellow men a favor and set those directly-sharable-to-your-timeline-and-eligible-for-autoplay videos I'll be uploading to the brand's official page to "women only" because not too many guys care to be shown advertisements for a product that they're not (generally) anatomically equipped to use, much less have a valid need of, because they have one or more of "that friend", or worse, "that family member", that shares the weirdest damned shit, including advertisements for women's sanitary products.

This becomes increasingly important when I'm paying per-impression to have these videos pop up on random people's newsfeeds in the ad slot. I don't want to pay for someone who'll almost certainly never care about my product (guys: do you really sit there and make decisions on which sanitary products your female partner uses? Do you sit there and think about what bit of cotton will sop up the most blood? No, she just tells you what to buy and you squeamishly get in and out of the store ASAP with the damned things, and hope you don't run into anyone you know during it all.) to see an ad that they have absolutely zero use for.

(I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but it just came to mind as possibly the number one important use-case for gender controls.)

Comment Re:Please explain (Score 1) 158

Not even "rich SOB", have many cell phones. Three Android devices, a featurephone, and a LTE modem, all with GPS receivers.

It's worth noting that device ages are:

  • 2 years (Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE [SGH-M919])
  • 3 years (Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate [SGH-I577])
  • 4 years (Samsung Strive [SGH-A687])
  • 4.5 years (LG Adrenaline [AD600])
  • 6.5 years (T-Mobile G1 [DREA100]).

I keep my old devices. No need to toss them, especially when you're poorer than shit - your backup strategy extends to equipment.

Comment Re: Instead... (Score 2) 356 != so the answer is no. I'd punish anyone with this type of "split domain" crap. If you want a way to override and get mobile or desktop on the "other" device, have a link somewhere that abuses anchor links to add "#desktop" or "#mobile" to the end of the page, and have some small snipplet of JavaScript read this and override the detection flags. It's better than the current way of doing things, where going to the non-mobile domain (why the fuck are we having multiple domains for a SINGLE FUCKING WEBSITE AGAIN?) on a mobile phone throws you over to the mobile domain (Request desktop version be damned!) and if you casually copy-and-paste an article URL on your phone into an instant message, the other end is likely to go "WTF" at seeing a mobile page on a desktop PC.

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