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Comment Re:Mercury switched = pin ball tilt switch (Score 1) 431

"Breaking and entering" is a synonym for "burglary." And in Georgia, burglary doesn't require any kind of breaking. It requires entering without authority with intent to steal (or commit any felony). It is a felony. So if he committed illegal entry and theft, as you said, then he's committed burglary and can be properly convicted of a felony.

Comment Re:Not pointless... (Score 2) 461

"I don't know what shops are at the mall his car was found at, but I would imagine that they sell pressure cookers." The "shops" at the mall in question (that is, the National Mall) sell bottled water, sodas, and ice cream bars. Plus cheesy souvenirs, hats, and t-shirts. Also, the shops are tiny trailers or pushcarts. I suppose the gift shops at the Smithsonian might count here (though I think that's stretching a point), but I haven't seen pressure cookers at any of them.

Comment Re:Not pointless... (Score 0) 461

"Did you know that in the District of Columbia, the Mayor or his representative can revoke your license for any reason at all, and the only appeal is to the Mayor?" No. Could you please point us to the law that authorizes mayoral driver's license revocation? (I'm betting you can't.) Also, no matter what DC law might say, there would definitely be a way to obtain collateral review of such revocation in the federal courts. Review might not succeed, but it would be available.

Comment Re: Camera gun (Score 4, Insightful) 765

"Handguns" didn't exist in 1789, so if you're holding up a 1789 piece of paper, you should only get to use a 1789 gun! If you accept a gun made in 2014, then you have to accept ALL the technological features required. It's not that complicated.

Handguns existed at the time the Second Amendment was passed. They weren't nearly as good, no question, but they did exist. More importantly, though, I doubt you'd accept that kind of limitation with respect to the First Amendment, which would allow only handwriting, unamplified speech, acoustic megaphones, woodcuts, manual printing presses, and a few other, mostly one-off or impermanent, means of expression. No internet. No microphones. No audio recording and playback. No video or photographs.

Comment Re:But, it is illegal (Score 1) 166

That's why the article says this: "For legal reasons, the ShareRoller won't engage when you're at a standstill, so I had to pedal a couple of times before I could engage the 1.0 horsepower motor with a handlebar-mounted throttle."

The law banning electric bikes does not apply unless the motor "is capable of propelling the device without human power." Here, it's not (although it doesn't sound like it needs much human power).

That still doesn't mean this is legal to use. It's possible the Citibike agreement bans (or will ban) their use. Probably won't result in a fine, but it could result in a ban. And money damages if the device does cause excess tire wear. But the general NYC ban on electric bicycles doesn't apply.

Comment Re:More likely (Score 2) 625

I tried to find the actual question wording, but didn't have time to do a thorough search. If the question was "Do you think astrology is scientific, sort of scientific, or not scientific?", then this could, as you say, simply be a problem of ignorance about the difference between astrology and astronomy. But if the question included a definition of astrology such as "that the position of the stars and planets have an effect on personality," then the issues raised in the summary come into play.

Comment Re:Why even publish this study? (Score 1) 668

The irony of someone accusing the Tea Party of "Almost assassinat[ing] an American congresswoman" in the same post that decries "[d]ivid[ing] America to the worst point since the Civil War" is painful. The former had NOTHING to do with the Tea Party, and the accusations that it did were a prime example of the vitriol that's come to dominate political debate.

I don't support most of the platform that's associated with the Tea Party, but the accusation that they've somehow been more vitriolic is ridiculous (although they haven't been less). A simple scan of the comments here is the perfect counterpoint.

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