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Comment: Re: Illegal power without Constitutional authority (Score 3, Insightful) 180

How long before we find out that CAs are part of the whole spying industry also?

There is very high likelihood that they are . Verisign was founded by a group of ex CIA/FBI directors back in the 90's, who resigned to start Verisign. This happened after the Clipper chip program got canned. (The US government wanted to build a legal backdoor into every computer running the Clipper cryptographic system.)

Its the same reason that they bought Thawte from Mark Shuttleworth for about a $1 billion dollars. He controlled a significant amount of HTTPS encryopted HTTPS traffic via his start-up.

I suspect that Most HTTPS traffic can be decrypted on the fly by the US spy organisations.

Comment: The possabilites (Score 1) 177

The main benefit of a workable electronic voting system is that we will be able to vote more regularly on a range of issues, taking some of the power away from the politicians. I think that this may be one of the primary reasons why Diebold, who can produce near perfect ATMS, cant/wont build an accurate voting system.

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