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Comment Re:Ermahgerd 1984! (Score 1) 416

Dart recalled the push to get the mentally ill out of institutions in the 1960s. But the community systems that were supposed to care for them either werenâ(TM)t set up or were underfunded, he said.

âoeThe result is an unmitigated disaster,â he said. âoeWe are criminalizing mental Illness. I see it every day.â He said of the 10,000 people housed daily in the Cook County Jail, about 2,800 âoeare taking serious psychotropic medications.â

Dart said that mentally ill people in the jail often are released back on the street with no housing and no treatment.

âoeThere should be a system for this, and we need to push providers to get more of a thoughtful pattern on how we release people,â he said.

Dart said his office is working with Cook County mental health providers to develop profiles of those arrested and develop a continuum of care. He said a support group for family members also has been started.

âoeWe have to be prepared, come up with strategies and keep the decibel level up on this issue,â Dart said.

Sangamon County Stateâ(TM)s Attorney John Milhiser said the key is communication between law enforcement and mental health professionals.

âoeWhat do we do with them?â he said of the mentally ill. âoeWe have to protect the public and make sure they get the treatment they need and stay on their medication.â

He said mentally ill inmates âoeare a drain on the jail,â but often there is no other alternative.

The article continues...

Comment Stop with the fud. (Score 1, Informative) 396

in favor of Microsoftâ(TM)s platform. But those Windows Phone 7 smartphones won't upgrade to Windows Phone 8 software, and nor will they run Windows Phone 8 apps."

Stop saying that.

Say that windows phone 8 applications that are targeted for only windows phone 8, and use only windows phone 8 features will not run on windows phone 7.5.

This is not an issue.


Woman Live-Tweets Her Abortion 160

27-year-old Angie Jackson has decided that it isn't inappropriate or in any way distasteful to live-tweet about her experience taking RU-486, also known as the abortion pill. According to Jackson nothing is off-limits on Twitter. "I don't feel like I'm doing anything different from what I do every day," said Jackson. "But now I have people calling me a killer; it's surreal."

Novell Bringing .Net Developers To Apple iPad 315

GMGruman writes "Paul Krill reports that Apple's new iPad could be easier to write apps for, thanks to Novell's MonoTouch development platform, which helps .Net developers create code for the iPad and fully comply with Apple's licensing requirements — without having to use Apple's preferred Objective-C. This news falls on the footsteps of news that Citrix will release an iPad app that lets users run Windows sessions on the iPad. These two developments bolster an argument that the iPad could eventually displace the netbook."

Man Arrested For Taking Photo of Open ATM 1232

net_shaman writes in with word of a Seattle man who was arrested for taking a photo of an ATM being serviced. "Today I was shopping at the downtown Seattle REI. I was about to buy a Thule hitch mount bike rack. They were out of the piece that locks the bike rack into the hitch. So I was in the customer service line to special order one. It was a long line and while I was waiting, I saw two of guys (employees of Loomis, as I later learned) refilling the ATM. I walked over and took a picture with my iPhone of them and more interestingly of the open ATM. I took the picture because I'm fascinated by the insides of things that we don't normally get to see. ... That was when Officer GE Abed (#6270) spun me around and put handcuffs on me."

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