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Comment: Re:The real story (Score 1) 153

by seanmeister (#31127860) Attached to: Google Tweaks Buzz To Tackle Privacy Concerns
I agree about the importance of privacy regardless of where you register on the something-to-hide-o-meter, and I agree that Google really dropped the ball on Buzz's privacy settings, but at the same time you really need to question the wisdom of using a "private Gmail account" for anything other than Gmail. Google's been ladling the social sauce on to all of their services over the past couple of years, so it's not like that person didn't have the opportunity to see this coming.

Comment: Re:No Way... (Score 1) 213

by seanmeister (#29758133) Attached to: Hands-On Look At the BlackBerry Storm 2

Amen. I bought the Storm. What a complete piece of shit. Sluggish OS (in a touch screen OS, absolutely intolerable), graphical glitches abound... it just sucks.

Agreed... I bought the original Storm when it was released last year, It was my first BlackBerry device, and after struggling with the Storm for a few days, I ran away screaming back to my dumbphone. The Storm hardware and software were definitely not ready for prime time.

I recently decided to give BlackBerry another day in court and am currently using a Curve 8330... I like it quite a lot and am considering the Storm 2 as my next upgrade, but I'll definitely do some hands-on testing before I actually purchase it.

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