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Comment: Re:Smart move (Score 0) 457

by sdsucks (#44381675) Attached to: After a User Dies, Apple Warns Against Counterfeit Chargers

Thanks for the reminder of why I never read this place anymore - the idiocy. Think just for a minute, that the counterfeit charger included an AC-DC adaptor... Wow, that opens up a completely new aspect to you?

Jesus fuck. The only thing stupider is that someone actually found your comment "interesting". Can't even imagine the fucking tool that is interested by that.

Comment: Re:I fully support this! (Score 0, Troll) 177

by sdsucks (#44200177) Attached to: Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting

Updated, high quality, and free? Sure, to employ what 1 individual? Showing ads for himself (Uh, store link much, son)? In a highly marketable position?

I love XKCD, but you are out to fucking lunch if you think that business model applies to even 1% of the websites you visit on a daily basis. Open your fucking eyes and unclog your ears you fucking idiot.

Do you think your favourite financial information website can just start selling coffee mugs and stickers to pay their traffic and licensing fees? Or that that model will work for newspapers? Or even a place like Slashdot? Fuck some people are goddam stupid, and you are one. Once again, proving the point, that the term "nerd" is in no way associated with the term "intelligent".

Seriously, son, fuck off and learn something. Your kind makes me fucking sick.

Comment: Re:Let's hope no one needs... (Score 1) 91

by sdsucks (#44024423) Attached to: Archaeologists Discover Lost City In Cambodian Jungle

"Discretionary wealth"... ? Sure, I guess it's discretionary if you exclude providing adequate food, shelter, and education for the majority of the population from the governments priorities (sadly, this is rather true..). No doubt Cambodia is changing quickly, but government priorities here are on making money, typically this means more money for those that are already rich.

Anything of value found will be exploited for the purpose of tourism (or otherwise), you can count on that... But that is probably the only way it will get any sort of protection at all.

Comment: Re:More ridiculous sensationalism (Score 1) 185

by sdsucks (#43862897) Attached to: Tests Show That Deadly New Flu Could Spread Among People

A. I live on my own.
B. I've been to the UK, China, Morocco, and Australia.
C. I am a research director for a multi-national horticultural corporation, I've likely spent MUCH more time learning than you, despite the fact you're likely older than myself.

Oh wow.. LOL. Seriously son?

A) Good for you, living on your own is an important start to growing up. Soon, maybe, you can cook for yourself, make your own bed, all kinds of things. WTF?
B) UK, China, Morocco AND Australia? Incredible! Lemuel Gulliver watch out!
    (Are you for fucking real? I think I've hit all of those countries within a 2 month period before... This isn't 1850.)
C) LOL, seriously. Thanks for proving my point with this statement.

No offense son, you may have potential. But don't be a fucking idiot.

Comment: Re:More ridiculous sensationalism (Score 1) 185

by sdsucks (#43831611) Attached to: Tests Show That Deadly New Flu Could Spread Among People

Generalization much?

My first slashdot UID was under the 10,000 mark. I stopped reading when all the 500,000+ UID idiots like you started showing up. Forgot the username and password years ago, I could probably dig it up but don't really give two shits. Truly, I have no idea why I joined again so many years later, or why continue to come here on occasion. Slashdot long ago became a place for wannabe-intelligent basement boys to vent their teenage angst. Your post proves that again.

Seriously, son, if you think your Slashdot UID means ANYTHING... I suggest leaving the basement and exploring the real world for awhile. You will learn many things, and better be able to out a Slashdot UID into context.

You are false data.