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Comment Re:Can you say Meta-data? (Score 1) 136 136

i am outraged, and may comment soon. but right now i'm laughing too hard at all the fucking idiots who willingly give the likes of google and facebook and twitter their telephone number, especially their private, not in phone books, cell phone number.... hahahahahaha.

Comment Re:Is Netflix (Score 1) 303 303

the difference is, the apps use apple's storefront, apple's payment gateway, apple's software and update distribution, apple's ad network, etc, etc, etc. apple is earning their cut.

netflix is ONLY using internet bandwidth that has ALREADY been bought and paid for by them and by their customers. isp's have already made their money on providing the pipes, they don't deserve a penny of netflix revenues, or any 'tax' or 'surcharges' from their customers.

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