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Comment: Re:Surprise to Anyone? (Score 1) 369

by sdkit (#26684773) Attached to: More Indications Windows 7 Is Coming In 2009
The amount of time I waste navigating between all the office documents, half-typed emails, and other windows I have open dwarfs whatever time I waste waiting for office apps to respond. (Except for Outlook maybe - which has the zip of a three ton turd.) If Windows 7 can improve window navigation it will be a net win for me, assuming my work machine gets upgraded.

+ - Update for Windows 7 Beta -- MP3 files at risk->

Submitted by
YITBOS writes "That didn't take very long at all. I saw an "Update for Windows 7" already listed on the MSDN Windows 7 downloads page. This patches a flaw that could result in a lot of angry Beta testers with MP3 collections.

From the description of the Update:
        When MP3 files are added (either manually or automatically) to either the Windows Media Player or the Windows Media Center library, or if the file metadata is edited with Windows Explorer, several seconds of audio data may be permanently removed from the start of the file. This issue occurs when files contain thumbnails or other metadata of significant size before importing or editing them.

The update should stop Windows 7 from modifying any MP3 files, but they also suggest users set all MP3 files as "read only" before installing the beta.

Might this be the real reason behind the beta being temporarily pulled while they address this and not the high traffic download as claimed?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Shill me one more time!!! (Score 5, Informative) 898

by sdkit (#26250015) Attached to: First Look At Windows 7 Beta 1

Excuse me for being cynical but I will take this review with a pinch of salt as other reports show that, at least benchmark wise, there is absolutely no difference between Vista and Windows 7.

There was one set of benchmarks that showed no improvement: There was another set of benchmarks done on a later build that showed improvements:

As for Windows 7 feeling "so much more responsive".. well, depends who is paying you to write that review innit?

Cynicism, conspiracy and an ad hominem attacks all in one. You're going all the way to +5 insightful!

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.