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Comment: Re:Time to trade in my PCs? (Score 1) 485

by sctprog (#40632073) Attached to: PC Sales Are Flat-Lining

There's a huge issue here with expense. Already games are incredibly expensive to make because the market simply won't pay for games that look like 3 guys at id wrote them.

It's so crazy now that only the really big boys who can throw millions on a title that won't be ready for 3+ years and may or may not break even, let alone make money.

Comment: Re:Don't worry BP ... (Score 1) 913

by sctprog (#32081036) Attached to: How Bad Is the Gulf Coast Oil Spill?


I can't speak for how BP cuts corners in their ocean drilling.. but as an industrial electrician in the submersible fields.. I can tell you without a doubt that BP has, by far, the most extensive safety program in place of any oil company we do contract work for.

They don't care how much it costs them, or how much longer it takes.. they are willing to foot the bill to ensure that their safety record is intact.

And no, I don't work directly for BP. We're a contracting company that does work for *many* producers.

Comment: Well... It is (Score 1, Insightful) 325

by sctprog (#28381657) Attached to: Fighting For Downloaders' Hearts and Minds

Ok this is coming from someone who actually does download a good half the movies he watches.

It *is* theft. The movie was produced to make money.. and it is quite fair for them to expect that people won't just take it and not pay.

No matter how you water it down, you took something that you didn't pay for. If you can live with that choice, then fine.

But don't go around making up reasons why you're doing the world a favour by saying 'fuck you' to 'the man'.. You're only lying to yourself.

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