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Comment: Re:Porn industry (Score 1) 116

by scottv67 (#36078962) Attached to: The Dirtiest Jobs in IT
>I notice on slashdot that a lot of people have misconceptions about how hospital networks actually function and also how HIPPA

Before you start waving your dick around and criticizing the average Slashdotter's knowledge of healthcare IT, please learn how many P's are in the acronym for "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996"

Comment: Re:Sounds good to me, in my dreams (Score 1) 341

by scottv67 (#35668750) Attached to: California Healthcare Provider Wants Illness-Predicting Algorithm
>Another example was asthmatics, there are some asthmatics that end up in the ER on a weekly basis, sometimes simply because they can't afford an inhaler (even with insurance). The inhaler cost is far less than the ER visit. It would be more informative to call them Preventable Hospitalizations.

The inhaler example is pretty good but if you replace "inhaler" with "daily dose of Advair", it would be an even better example. When most people say "inhaler", they usually mean "something related to albuterol that is used in a reactive fashion after wheezing has started". Giving an albuterol inhaler to someone with asthma who is not capable of paying for an albuterol inhaler is a *good* idea and may keep them from a visit to the Emergency Department. Giving Advair to someone with asthma who is not capable of paying for Advair is a *great* idea and will be a lot cheaper than a visit to the Emergency Department (even though Advair is one pricey little saucer).

Disclosure: I am not a drug rep nor do I own shares in GlaxoSmithKline. I take Advair every day to keep my asthma under control (maybe my insurance company should send me a check every month that I use Advair as prescribed because it is keeping me out of the doctor's office or the E.D. Hmmm... I wonder if they'll go for that plan.)

Comment: Re:NHK World is reporting serious emissions (Score 1) 752

by scottv67 (#35464550) Attached to: Nuclear Emergency Declared At 2 Plants In Japan
>well water can be filterd from nucler. filter it threw uncontamented sand and coal and boil. its called earth filtering. servivle tip if you ever in such a situation and the goverment supplys run out. its not perfect thow but it gets the levels down low enough it shouldent kill you.

Judging by your spelling, it looks like you've already received too many roentgens...

Comment: Re:Good idea, bad implementation (Score 1) 399

by scottv67 (#35169612) Attached to: Google Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Gmail
>only if your cell phone is a smartphone...

How many more times are you going to post that " cell phone is just a phone, not one of them there smart phones" crap?

Nobody gives a shit if you use Gmail. Google doesn't give a shit if you use Gmail or not. If you don't like two-factor authentication, you don't own a smart phone or you don't a cell phone at all, then DON'T USE GMAIL.

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