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Submission + - Broadcom open-sources GPU driver for the Raspberry PI-> 1

neokushan writes: "The BCM2835 used in the Raspberry Pi is the first ARM-based multimedia SoC with fully-functional, vendor-provided (as opposed to partial, reverse engineered) fully open-source drivers, and that Broadcom is the first vendor to open their mobile GPU drivers up in this way."
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Comment bw (Score 1) 204

Heh, my Macbook Pro couldn't handle the 4k, at least played by flash, 4k (or "original") didn't show up in html5 mode.

But what's more interesting for me is that, it's as if they (or someone else upstream from me, like my isp) upped the bandwidth cap from the painful 100-200KB/sec (which can't keep up with 720p videos) to a more pleasant 1.3MB/sec.

Feels stupid to have 200/10 cable and wait for videos to buffer on youtube (while other sites like vimeo are swift).


Submission + - LLVM/Clang 2.7 released!

l_i_g_h_s_p_e_e_d writes: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure version 2.7
was just released.
It includes a new open source BSD licensed C/C++ compiler, clang. Previously clang was only able to compile C code:
"This includes significantly better generated code, improvements to debug
information generation and a broad number of new features in the
core infrastructure. One exciting feature is that Clang is now able to
bootstrap itself, a major milestone in any compiler's development and
particularly notable considering the complexity of implementing C++!"

LLVM also has a new official blog

LLVM has several subprojects that work with this new release:
Clang (a C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ compiler)
Clang Static Analyzer
VMKit (JVM and CLI Virtual Machine)
Compiler-rt runtime library
Dragonegg (a gcc-4.5 plugin that uses LLVM as a backend)">Machine Code Toolkit

And there are several other OSS projects using it:
Pure (an algebraic/functional programming language based on term rewriting)
Roadsend PHP (an open source implementation of the PHP programming language that uses LLVM for its optimizer, JIT and static compiler)
Unladen Swallow (a branch of Python that uses LLVM's optimizers and JIT compiler). http:///
TCE (a toolset for designing application-specific processors).
SAFECode (a memory safe C compiler built using LLVM).
Icedtea/Shark (OpenJDK build that uses an LLVM based JIT compiler)
LLVM-Lua (uses LLVM to add JIT and static compiling support to the Lua VM).
GHC (an open source Haskell compiler)

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