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Comment Re:Not this one (Score 1) 503

Sort of.
They've modified that plan slightly, and the 3rd iteration is already underway as more of a licensing type relationship with Mercedes for Smart and Toyota for Rav4.

The Roadster is due to return in I think 7 years. Don't know if it will be priced like an M3 or like an Eclipse, though.

Comment Re:Neal Stephenson (Score 2) 647

Agree. Cryptonomicon is my favorite novel. I recently finished The Baroque Cycle, which is more than this trip might allow for, but Stephenson is always gold.

Non-nerd favorite is Shogun. Amazing.

And, I highly recommend the Kindle. More/longer books makes no impact and the battery lasts literally for weeks.

Happy travels.

Comment Re:Categories & Pages? (Score 3, Informative) 92

Unless you're like me and got through The System of the World. I wonder how many other slashdotters can attribute 90% of what they know about Newton to Neal Stephenson?

I thought I had a vague idea of Newton's clinical shyness, but Stephenson's picture is vastly more informative and interesting. No idea how truly accurate it is, but I'd guess quite a bit.

Highly recommend reading if you haven't: The Baroque Cycle

Comment sounds inside (Score 5, Funny) 61

I have a good friend who's parents live in a geodesic dome. It's an interesting living space, but the one thing to be wary of is that sounds follow the walls in sometimes unexpected ways. You can be whispering near the wall in one spot, and be heard perfectly well in an opposite part of the house or even on another floor.

So, word of warning. Use this template and you may be accidentally hear what the gumdrops say about you behind your back.

Comment Migration (Score 2) 41

This will dramatically improve the results for my interstellar Monarch butterfly tracking project that I recently launched.

1) Collect a bunch of butterflies
2) Make them little space suits
3) Improve lifespan by several orders of magnitude
4) Map galaxy's magnetic fields [CHECK]
5) ???

As long as we're going to reinvent the wheel again, we might as well try making it round this time. - Mike Dennison